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The conjunction of Mars and Jupiter, when and how to see them - Chronicle

The conjunction of Mars and Jupiter, when and how to see them – Chronicle

Bologna, May 31, 2022 – the beautiful picture of the conjunctions of the planets Mars And the Jupiter. These days from early June, in the morning from about 3 until dawn SunSo at dawn, our sky to the east will be decorated with the presence of the clearly visible planets of our solar system. in the order: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Venus And also Uranus It will be visible in the sky towards the east and southeast.

It would be easy to tell them apart because in fact they would have planets steady lightnot shimmering (as it would instead for the stars) and above all, di strong intensity (except for Uranus), compared to the stars themselves. In addition, the planets will be aligned to a large extent on a path that representseclipticthat is, the plane of the orbit that the Earth travels in its annual revolution around the sun.

“Who will be able to observe the event – explains the astrophysicist Romano Serra Then the co-founder of the Municipal Observatory of San Giovanni in Perseto will realize it Jupiter and Mars will be in conjunction Very tight. This means that they will be very close to the sky it seems. In fact, the two planets will be separated by about 500 million kilometers. Mars will be the usual reddish color, while Jupiter will appear a faint yellow.”

The expert continues: “This ‘painting’ which gives us dawn, around 5 am, will immerse itself in the reddish celestial light of the morning, as the sun will rise at about 5:40. Practically, the show would last about two hours and would be better admired if you could use a file binoculars, Maybe with 10 magnifications or better even using a small one telescope. Because in this case, by observing Jupiter, you will be able to see the satellites discovered by Galileo in the early 17th century and which he dedicated to the Medici family. His observation of the great scientist led him to believe that the heliocentric system was the correct model for describing the solar system. Moreover, using wide-field binoculars, most likely, you will be able to see both Mars and Jupiter using it 4 satellites, At the same time, in the same field of view. ”

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