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The circle narrows over Isolde Kostner, a bad quarrel

The circle narrows over Isolde Kostner, a bad quarrel

Hunger has voiced their worst among the untouchables in the 2021 edition of Al Jazeera. We’ve already seen it, yet the surprise and the resulting chain of bewilderment continues to emerge, between the quarrel, the kiss, and the leader’s test. Elary Blasey She is the goddess of this edition, Rosolino It holds up despite the often uncontrollable drift that the dynamics between the protagonists assume. As well as sportswear like Isold Costner He succumbs to the temptation of deprivation, to put himself at the center of quarrels.

Quarrel between Isold Costner and Andrea Ciriuli

With Andrea CirioliAfter all, it went like this: the melodramatic tone is due to hunger, the need to ensure a minimum level of subsistence and self-protection. Ciriole I grabbed the former skater and put down a little treasure.

Due to the division of teams, Untouchable had to leave the group she was also in Andrea Cirioli But first they decide to win the cactus which, in the scene of deprivation in Honduras, has a meaning of its own. “Can I really tell you what I’m really thinking? If you want to have that aloe vera, get it,” accuses her Andrea. Exact copy of a file Costner It was: “I got there without rice, without aloe vera, I would have brought them all.”

Isolde Costner is increasingly out of control and isolated

Here, a really questionable gesture Isolde: The cast-off decided to bring back two of the cacti, but she did so by throwing them in the direction of Andrea.

“Don’t be drawn to things like dogs, because I’m not a dog.” In short, a really avoidable scene between the two.

“It bothered me that you first thought of wood and aloe vera. I’m sensitive to some things. Anyway, take them, it’s also true, you and Roberto made a lot of it,” he said. Apologies arrived, but they were almost forced.

Criticism of other untouchables

And about the former ski champion, there is only a climate of hostile tolerance caused by certain expressions and attitudes which he considers anything non-athletic. Isolde. In fact, what he criticizes the most is Angela Melillo, perhaps more straightforward than Valentina Faris, Who did not hide his disappointment in the face of certain behaviors that he assumed Costner Which, at this stage, is the same in the cash position.

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Virgilio Sport | 2021-04-30 14:57