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“In the spring, low vitamin D is used to arm the defenses.”


Spring is the time when vitamin D is lowest for everyone, because we are very far from the last beneficial exposure to the sun, between August and September. Since then, in fact, it is “full of fuel” for this vitamin, which is made in the summer due to the sun, This is the period when deficiency is most evident. Since there is a relationship between vitamin D and the immune system, it is time to pay attention. It is necessary to also integrate into the “arm of the immune system”. Sandro Giannini, Professor of Internal Medicine at the University of Padua and Chair of the Italian Orthopedic Group (Gibis), explains this to Adnkronos Salute.

“The history of vitamin D – which Giannini remembered – is clearly centered around the skeleton. In fact, the main health problem that vitamin D can better manage is osteoporosis. But now there are a number of other scientific innovations. To other functions. One of them is. “, For example, and it is especially important in this epidemiological stage, it is related to stimulating the immune system. This vitamin participates in a mechanism that allows the immune system to be more prepared to deal with infection, especially viral. Type, like Covid.”

The appeal is, “Reduced depreciation with the Aifa Note, but the cost benefit must be evaluated from the lower usage

Giannini explained that in Italy, in the past two years, “the consumption of vitamin D has decreased as a treatment. This is not always appropriate”. “In 2019 – the expert noted – with the aim of reducing spending on pharmaceuticals, the Italian Medicines Agency issued a memorandum to limit the use of vitamin D. And then we have already raised some concerns, particularly about the need to pay attention to the suitability of the treatment. In March 2020, it was There is an AIFA report that focuses on high savings obtained and without any mention of the negative effects of decreased employment, for example on the elderly population.With an incredible chronological alignment, the epidemic has begun and we have all discovered that vitamin D deficiency aids in the incidence of infection and the onset of disease. The severity of Covid disease. “

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Giannini therefore reiterates the lack of a risk-benefit assessment in AIFA monitoring. “The economic impact has been evaluated in a very nicely manner, but not a word on any of the elements to reevaluate. History is repeating itself. In fact, in recent days, another Aifa watch has been published which is similar in many respects to that of last year, with all the explanations regarding The economic impact and not mentioning what this downturn entails as a risk, “the expert says. Which triggers an appeal: “It is certainly right to look at savings and more appropriate use of Vitamin D, which has certainly had the effects of inadequacy in the past. But it is also necessary to consider the benefit that we may have missed, these days, with severe diminished use.” .


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