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The Bestiary, and Bidenlino –

The Bestiary, and Bidenlino –

the bidenlino He is a mythical animal who talks to an imaginary friend he can’t stand.

Bidenlino is a mythical being who controls the world’s greatest power, which is disturbing if we think that the fate of all mankind is in the hands of a creature who talks to an imaginary friend who also hates him. Indeed, when Bidenlino turns to him, the imaginary friend mistreats him. He often addresses his non-existent friend by extending his hand to greet him and the friend responds with a whistle while pointing with both hands at his private parts. Other times, he asked how he was coming off the stage at the end of press conferences, and the imaginary and stern friend showed him the closet door, grinning under his moustache. However we can rest assured. To defend himself against accusations of suffering from senile dementia, Bidenleno actually reassures that he does not have an imaginary friend, but an imaginary friend of someone else.

Bidenlino has a particularly well-developed sense of smell. He likes to be photographed in group photos as he arrives leaving behind the unfortunate sniffing the neck and/or hair perhaps attracted by the irresistible scent of the balm. Preferably these are women or young women in a normal position who, if Bidenlenho is not a head of state, will react with an immediate complaint of sexual harassment or worse with a kick where it hurts most.

Those close to Bidenlinu tried to exploit his olfactory abilities to send him in search of truffles, but he often returned with large sea urchins in his mouth and tried to chew them, not knowing what a truffle was. Because of this practice, Bidenleno often spouts unintelligible sentences during his speeches to unified global networks. In this sense, some believe that the devastating and tragic withdrawal from Afghanistan is due to the phrase “God bless you, God bless America” ​​uttered without vowels.

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Bidenlino is very sensitive and emotional. When he meets other heads of state to discuss sensitive topics vital to global balance, he gets agitated and often finds himself in so much difficulty that he doesn’t know how to argue. For this reason, Bidenlino has found an effective way to get rid of embarrassment: he breathes noisily, distracting interlocutors who often lose the thread of conversation or even lose their senses.