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The arrival of voice messages is fleeting

The arrival of voice messages is fleeting

WhatsApp continues its goal of “securing” user conversations and protecting them as much as possible: after temporary messages containing texts, images and videos, it is now the turn of “read once” voice messages.

One novelty after another WhatsApp It announced less than a week ago the arrival of the secret code to protect chats and is now launching a new function for the privacy of its users, which is voice messages.”instant removal“, that is, those who”They are destroying themselves“Or, even if the definition is imprecise because it is phonetic,”Which is read only once“(Read oncein English).

Temporary vowels in WhatsApp: how they work

performance Ephemeral voice messages on WhatsApp Identical to other message types”Read once“: After receiving the voice note, our contact only has one chance to listen to it The message will disappear It can no longer be restored, because It won’t leave any trace Neither on the device nor in the app backup.

Sending a temporary voice message works, just like sending photos and videos, via the appropriate icon with the number “1“: If the person sending the message clicks on this icon, the sent message will be “instant removal“.

This type of message is designed for Increased privacy and security Conversations on WhatsApp: If the message disappears, in fact, we can use it to Share passwordor one number Credit cardleaving no traces that someone could find, even in the future.

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We can no longer do this with just text and video, but finally with vowels, which are one of the… Most popular features By WhatsApp users in recent years: A few months ago, in fact, WhatsApp itself announced that more messages are being sent every day 7 billion audio notes Via the app.

Whatsapp temporary vowels: when they arrive

The arrival of ephemeral voice messages on WhatsApp was announced via A Official press release Of dead. The press release has been translated into all languages ​​in which the platform operates, Also in Italian.

However, in Italy this function is not yet available. but it will not take long So it turns out that WhatsApp states “In the next few days, we will be implementing a one-time-viewable voice message service around the world“All that’s left is to wait, and not even that long.

WhatsApp is increasingly armored

Even voice messagesRead once“Go in the trend that WhatsApp has been following for a long time: that Complete privacy From its users. In fact, with the arrival of the new functionality, it has become possible to send self-destructing messages of all kinds: TextualDeceive pictureDeceive video H My voice.

Then, in recent weeks, WhatsApp introduced the “a lock“for every Hide chats More conservative, finally, too secret code To arm them individually.

All within an app where every message (except those sent in public channels) is encrypted and protected Crittografia end to endthe most difficult to decipher.

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