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That's why it has to be transported by air

That's why it has to be transported by air

When the flight crew is about to take off, passengers are asked to activate airplane mode on their phones: this is the real reason.

Why you need to use your phone in airplane mode (

Those who are accustomed to traveling by plane know very well that the staff on board do this before take-off Some announcements related to safety procedures. Wearing a seat belt and remaining in your seat must be respected, as is activating your seat belt Flight mode For your smartphone. Not only that: Airplane mode should also be preserved for other technological devices, such as PCs, tablets, etc. But why is there this demand? Why do the staff on the plane ask all passengers to activate this mode?

Airplane mode, what it consists of and why it should be activated

Airplane mode, found in all electronic devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets, does nothing but that Turn off all radio broadcasts Of devices.

The real reason for the plane's situation in flight (

When the passenger activates this mode Cannot receive or make phone calls It can't even use services like WiFi and Bluetooth. Basically with airplane mode activated, there is no connection to the phone. But is it really useful?

Recently things seem to have changed a bit. Until about ten years ago, there was a commitment not to use phones during flights for fear that the devices would interfere with the aircraft's equipment. Since 2013, passengers have been able to use their smartphones in airplane modeeven if this precaution does not seem conclusive.

However, you should still use the respective mode for security reasons. In fact, inside the plane there are many phones: Most modern aircraft have protection systems Which prevents any interference, but with so many devices, you can never be too careful.

In fact, there is also another reason why airlines require all passengers to activate this mode on their electronic devices.

The real reason behind the demand from employees on board

As explained, with Airplane Mode activated, you cannot make calls (or receive phone calls), cannot watch online videos, go online, etc.

On shared flights there are approximately 150 people inside a rather small plane. Imagine if everyone could use their smartphones freely Then start talking on the phone, watching videos, etc.

He will come out of it Really unbearable noise Which will not allow the journey to proceed properly. That is why companies insist on this path, even though it has been widely proven that interference is practically non-existent.

However, things could change in the near future: in the next few years, this method could become just a memory.

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