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Virgo and Capricorn are ready to meditate

Virgo and Capricorn are ready to meditate

Horoscope for all zodiac signs

Today’s horoscope, Friday, September 23, 2022, and predictions predict a sign about love, work and luck. Today we celebrate the autumnal equinox, which begins the season of Libra. With the Moon in Virgo, let’s prepare for budgets and contemplation, but with a celebration of abundance.

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Horoscope for all zodiac signs

Today’s horoscope, Friday, September 23, 2022, astral predictions by sign about love, work and luck. Today we celebrate the autumnal equinox, which in ancient times was Saturday Mabon.

that it moment of abundance Because the fruits of summer are plucked, we should thank the gods and live them with pleasure. The food left over from the canteens should be donated to animals, so that all of nature rejoices together. It’s a moment of celebration that is a prelude to remembering autumn.

With the moon in the virgin day, lucky sign It will be Taurus and unfortunate sign Pisces who, though, let’s face it, have gotten used to it lately!


From today you finally regain your cognitive abilities, because Mercury removes itself from opposition. Fortunately for you, you will no longer find yourself stuck in situations like a Brescia diocese priest who celebrates Mass in a cyclist costume and is rightly summoned by a bishop. She appears at last in action with solidity, brilliance but above all with clear ideas, and determined to gain the approval of all. We inform the manager immediately.

Today's horoscope Aries

Today’s horoscope Aries

the love: is your obsession.
a job: Trio I finally managed to pass the first level.
healthYour mind is finally free to think.
Tip of the Day: Now that you have a clearer mind, you will be able to read, but above all, understand the rules for using scooters in the city. Like walking down the street instead of the sidewalk and wearing a helmet. Are you ready for this new experience?
vote 7 and a half


Beauty has always mattered a lot to you, but now that you’re back to getting the full benefits of Mercury, you also expect it to be managed efficiently. In fact, you can’t just fathom how useful Elenoire Ferruzzi, the new guest of Big Brother’s VIP house, can be to her roommates with her nails that are about 20 centimeters long. You would at least cut them in half. Sobriety is your style.

Taurus today

Today’s horoscope for the sign of Taurus

the love: Your fantasies stop at the classic evangelist.
a job: not only bring the facts, but also the numbers to prove them.
health: You polished.
Tip of the Day: Show off your best clothes to meet one of the Milan Fashion Week shows. I always recommend wearing the giants who always deliver thatLure cool!
vote 8 and a half

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You certainly do not lack courage, in fact you are ready to challenge all your staunch enemies. Like Saint John against the dragon with the drawn sword. Eye, because from today you have lost some chatter and sympathy, because Mercury welcomes you for a few weeks. So avoid being like Meghan Markle who asks for face to face with King Charles alone. In these cases, it is always better to deal with light topics, such as the desire to be together or how good the scones are with tea which I like to libit so much.

Gemini horoscope today

Today’s horoscope Gemini

the love: Of course you should learn good manners.
a job: too busy excitedly to consider the formalities. Pity.
health: Be careful to get caught up in your mess.
Tip of the Day: To learn the art of seduction, sign up for a gentle tango dance course, to be sure of the action-packed conquests and role plays.
vote 6


Anxiety reigns now that Mercury has returned to enlighten you, and you become fully aware of all the dangers that exist in the world, like a real hen mother. Just like Lady Gaga who, rather than get angry at not being able to finish her performance in Miami, is touched because she fears she will put her fans at risk. You always have a heart of gold and now you are ready to show it to everyone.

Today's horoscope for cancer

Today’s horoscope for Cancer sign

the love: You protect her like a rose under the bell.
a job: For safety, lock yourself twice in the office.
health: Go straight out with a helmet and knee protector to tackle the tough day.
Tip of the Day: You are always a perfect patriot, you know how to fill in the ballot paper. Then give me a nice schemino. thank you in advance.
vote 7 and a half


Enjoy the day when the moon is still right (but only in the morning), to feel like Mario Draghi when he was named Statesman of the Year by The New York Times. Sometimes it’s okay to put hassle aside to enjoy the results. You already know that from tomorrow you will have to deal with the usual Saturn against it, so take a day off from your constant battle.

horoscope today leo

Today’s horoscope Leo

the love: You should always make yourself feel like a real queen.
a job: Celebrate your accomplishments.
health: All of you are glitter and sequins.
tip of the day: You are also passionate about the world of NFTs. Wired covers will soon be released as digital works. Everything is collected because it seems to be the future of art.
vote 6 and a half

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Now that Mercury is back in your sign, you don’t need anyone to explain to you the symbolic meaning of the jewelry that royalty wore at Elizabeth II’s funeral. You love subliminal messages of all kinds, and you’re willing to let some warm messages peek right under your stern office suit.

Virgo today

Today’s horoscope for the sign of Virgo

the loveUnder the veil of the chaste and pure, you have great surprises to offer.
a jobYour schedule is full of intertwined appointments.
health: If the mind travels to a thousand, your little legs will sag.
Tip of the Day: Follow Titti and Flavia’s advice on Instagram on how to use white vinegar instead of rinse aid to get your dishes shiny. Then show off your trick with your friends. You will have some success
vote 8

weight scale

You can finally loosen up all your chatter and go into frivolity now that Mercury has greeted you, and you can put aside your busy intellectual style. Instead, focus all your notes on the new “io voto” pins, designed by Olimpia Zagnoli: perfect for showing off during the weekend of the Milan fashion shows.

Libra horoscope today

Today’s horoscope for Libra

the love: You feel like a bee going from flower to flower.
a job Only light shepherds.
health: Ready for a fun and carefree weekend.
Tip of the Day: After weeks of crazy work, it’s time to meet friends. Organizing a nice aperitif dancer.
vote 7 and a half

The scorpion

You have no problem saying what you think in public, because with Mercury back on your side, you know how to express and motivate each phrase in a way that is understandable to even the hardest of ears. You are just like Chiara Ferragni who encourages everyone on and off social media to go and vote by emphasizing the importance of free choice. Venus continues to enlighten you and also gives you a certain “democratic” but not political touch.

scorpio horoscope today

Today’s horoscope Scorpio

the love: Your tastes are very refined.
a job: perfect calculator.
health: label and bon toon.
Tip of the Day: Listen to audiobooks on Spotify while driving in your car, the perfect place to implement more of your already extensive knowledge.
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The only activity you can do in this period (where you have all the planets against: Mercury, Mars and even Venus) is to follow the example of the Anglo-Saxon scientists who surveyed the world’s population of ants, totaling 100 million billion. I think it passes you by.

the love: fled in the heat like a swallow.
a job: Pick the short week and leave immediately for the weekend.
health: Only with pajamas and slippers are you ready to face the day.
Tip of the Day: Watch Andor, the final episode inspired by the Star Wars universe to give you a sprawling evening on the sofa for a sweet idle.
vote 4 and a half


Any good excuse to stick with the one you love, now that you also have the benefits of Mercury, you’ll have some really cool ideas. I suggest one, even if it’s already happened to you: Take a shower together to provide hot water and gas. You can really try it this evening as the culmination of a romantic evening.

Capricorn today

Today’s horoscope Capricorn

the love: You are full of surprises.
a job: Take the whole situation with an iron fist.
health: Smile and good humor from the ten and praise.
Tip of the Day: It featured all the food related events, from “Terra Madre” to “Salone del Gusto”. Unmissable appointments to satisfy discerning palates like you, but above all to try new things.
vote 8 +


You feel less daring than days gone by, precisely because there is a rather sober moon that defines the sky. Follow the example of Checco Zalone who signs his first song without an oath to be sung by the children of Zecchino d’oro. A little sensitivity and frankness is what I lost in the last period.

Today's horoscope Aquarius

Today’s horoscope for Aquarius sign

the love: focuses on tenderness.
a job: chooses to lower gears a bit.
healthPracticing yoga meditation to learn something new.
Tip of the Day: After a summer of doing car raids, it’s time to do a deep cleaning between the seats and the mats. You may even find some souvenirs, such as PR tickets for the club to put as a sacred card next to the rearview mirror.
vote 7 –


You definitely need to lighten that heavy air that pulls today, with all the planets, plus the Moon, in opposition. Go to the big event in Milan’s Piazza Duomo for seventy years at Moncler and let yourself be a little carried away by the bold and wonderful air. It will be a real treat for everyone.

Pisces today

Today’s horoscope Pisces

the love: Let yourself be overwhelmed by the unexpected. They are always opportunities.
a job: Everything seems to be working fine.
health: Engage in a liberating dance, even if it only lasts for two minutes.
Tip of the Day: Buy Recipes from Tolkien’s World by Robert Tewseley Anderson. So over the weekend, you can imagine being in Rivendell enjoying the Feast of the Elves. Pointed ears are a must.
vote 5 –