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Kovid, South African variant: first case in Italy identified in Campania - Chronicle

Kovid, South African variant: first case in Italy identified in Campania – Chronicle

Naples, November 27, 2021 – Il The first case of the Omicron variant in Italy Identified in Campania. It’s a Cambodian citizen returning from Mozambique, Tested positive for molecular clearance. Announced thisInstitute of Higher Health (Iss), Competent Health Care qualified sources underline that the man is asymptomatic and his condition is currently of no concern. Relatives have also developed coronavirus positive, so the deployment of their samples is already planned.

Omicon Variation, Ecdc: “High to High Risk”

From Mozambique to Milan

The person from Campania, who identified the sequence of the Omigran variant, returned to Italy a few days ago from Mozambique. A plane landed in Milan. He has been vaccinated with two doses and works for an international company. On landing he was subjected to a swap, which was then positive. The gene was then sequenced at the Clinical Microbiology, Virology and Bio-Emergency Diagnostic Laboratory.Sacco Hospital in Milan. The Ministry of Health had already issued an information note to the regions yesterday to strengthen the tracking system.

All investigations are ongoing

The model is in the process of being further confirmed in order to obtain a definitive allocation of genealogy for this VOC is P.1.1.529, I.e. the South African variant of the virus. Ability to quickly identify new order and Start contact tracking activities immediately (Contact tracking) Received because of alerts about Igogen site Who immediately recognized the presence of some major mutations that demonstrated the effectiveness of the Italian hierarchical network.

De Luca: “Maximum Wisdom”

The Governor of Campania, Vincenzo de Luca, on learning of the positive citizen message for the Omigran variant, underlined: “Taking into account the news of these days, all precautionary measures have been taken immediately.” “Even this episode – he added – calls us once again to complete the vaccination cycle and is inspired by the most sensible behaviors, and in Campania – it’s right to remember – starting with the use of the mask, which is always mandatory. Maximum control of the police And the Municipal Police, including sanctions against those who disobey the order. “

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Covit Bulletin today in Italy. Data on infections, deaths and hospital admissions as of November 27th