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Ukraine, Russian soldiers who died in battle: this is how funerals are celebrated

Ukraine, Russian soldiers who died in battle: this is how funerals are celebrated

what happens to Soldiers Russians deceased at Ukraine? A long article that appeared in Novaya Gazeta tells us about this. The newspaper for which he wrote Anna Politkovskayathe journalist who was murdered in Moscow in 2006, reports that on March 23 in the Russian city of Lesossibirsk, funeral Paratrooper Ruslan Tokarev. The funeral was neither unofficial nor formal, revealing all the embarrassment of the ongoing special military operation in Ukraine. The coffin was moved to the city’s exhibition hall. But the mayor announced the ceremony not on his official website, but on his social networks.

Russian journalist H Nobel prize For Peace in 2021 Dmitriy MuratovThe current director of Novaya Gazeta, which publishes news in Russian and Ukrainian, announced that he will auction the medal to donate the proceeds to the Ukrainian Refugee Fund. He called for an immediate ceasefire, the exchange of prisoners and the bodies of dead soldiers, and the opening of humanitarian corridors from the besieged Ukrainian cities. “What we can do: Share with refugees, the injured and children in urgent need of care what is dear to us and of value to others,” an advertisement on the newspaper’s website wrote in Russian, English and Ukrainian languages.

Classmates and teachers came to receive the paratrooper. There was also the mayor and city council president. Lesosibirsk is a small town in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The newspaper said that the soldiers are now buried silently and constantly.

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The names and funerals of Russian soldiers who died in Ukraine, like the name of Lieutenant-General Alexander Lazarenko, were published in VKontakte. Here is the message: “Unfortunately, we inform you of this During a special military operationWhile in military service, Lieutenant Colonel passed away Lazarenko Alexander Alexandrovich. As part of the tactical group, Alexander led the personnel of the floating company during the deployment and construction of the crossing on the Desna River in the Chernihiv region of Ukraine.

“After the successful completion of the task – and it is continuing – he worked to ensure the advancement of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in order to further accomplish the tasks assigned to him, but when he was hit by mortars from the Ukrainian Armed Forces, he received injuries incompatible with life and died ». The call ends with the news that he will receive Posthumous Recognition: Medal of Courage.

The fathers – “for eternal preservation” – were given the flag that covered the ark.