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Robert Lewis, Batista Scoggia and Bobo Vieri

Robert Lewis, Batista Scoggia and Bobo Vieri

Upon the arrival of Robert Lewis, Cesena is about to change owners and see the Cavalluccio watch accelerate, it’s a novelty reaching a certain point. From 2007 to the present, three different properties have alternated with a failure in the middle and now we’re going for a fourth in 14 years. Modern history tells of last-minute reversals, but this time it really seems to be us: Romania’s most important company is moving into foreign hands. What are the changes? Practically everything: Traditions overturned, but if tradition can’t stand it anymore, just try to overturn it. For decades we have kept the motto “The owners are locals, so they won’t make a mess”. The last page of Ac Cesena’s book reminds us that disasters have arrived anyway.

An American property arrived that didn’t choose Cesena because there was a pretty fountain in the middle or because it hit our rough pied, a squackeron and a rocket. The new owner will yell in black and white and make him say “Hey Birdell” on social media because that’s how you do it now, but if he gets here, it’s only because he saw a deal. Luckily. The US reference model in recent years has been Joe Takobina (Bologna, Venice, Spal): I come, I buy, I win championships, I sell, I win, I change teams and start over. Of course, the main cultural obstacle between American and Italian sports remains to be overcome: in the United States there is no downturn, business depends on entertainment, and in Italy if it goes down it is a disaster and business depends on the results. And in Serie C, if you really want to win, there is no shortcut: you have to spend. The arrangement realizes that, with emerging values, Modena pays for gas and the tradition of Reggiana by passing to the house of Intila.

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At Carrara, Cesena showed once again that it depends on Bortolusi, perhaps the strongest striker in the group, and certainly the most decisive for his team. Did not score, Cesena did not win.

Bortolussi, indeed. Seeing such a quiet boy transform into a lion on the field had a certain effect. As they say in these cases: He is the one who changes himself on the field. Or maybe not. Maybe it’s time to change perspective. It is not true that a player turns on the field, he is simply what he is. We act off the field, with those people who for the most part are afraid of everything under contract and never manage to be honest, squeezed by the consensus of clubs who never want a word out of place, surrounded by fans madly in love with a shirt they will change for work in June , infected with press conferences where, unfortunately, behind a stupid answer there is often a stupid question.

The pursuit of true self-expression is the only goal that can bring us joy and peace. It is not a completely new rule, and among other things, it is also a rule from Nieztsche, a talent who seems to be from the nickname one of the thousands of foreigners in Udinese and instead someone who knows how to write it well. We’ve also taken in Joy and Peace, the kind of satisfaction that only work gives you when it allows you to really be yourself. This happens to real players, to the point of seeing players who are geniuses on the field and a complete disaster off the field, slaves to that same talent that makes them dominating the game and unfit in everyday life.

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You obviously can love your job madly without necessarily going mad, right. One example of Cesena in the past is Gian Battista Scuuggia, who worked as a footballer after 40 years and today ignites the enthusiasm of the youngsters in the youth teams. History of Ravenna Cesena 1993 in Serie B, first away game Cesena in the evening live TV preview on Tele + 2. The newspapers all week did not talk about anything but this progress, the novelty of early play, the fans’ progression, And what is changing to play early, the European Cup climate is in focus. Thus, it was obvious that we cast her there even in weekly interviews.

Interview with Skougia, Villa Silvia, at Daytime.

Question: Batista, do you like playing early?

The answer: “Progress? Not at all, too risky, I’d rather follow the man.”

Here’s the difference: We thought about the scheme and the framing, Batista thought only of the field and how to distinguish the young Ravenna striker named Bobo Vieri. The reporter did not have the courage to tell Scugugia that he had the wrong answer, as such a suspicion prevailed that he became certain that he had the wrong question and that he had chosen a stupid question.