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Sasari, the restoration of the volleyball hall has become an issue

Sasari, the restoration of the volleyball hall has become an issue

The Volleyball Federation will support the construction of the gym in Cagliari.

Controversy and Sports in Sassari. No from the Chairman of the Fip Regional Committee, the Italian Volleyball Federation, to the municipality’s offer to restore the Pier Paolo Peru lounge in Via Coradduzza. “I report the impossibility – writes President Eliseo Secci – for this sports federation to comply with the proposal in question Fipav has already decided to participate in the expression of interest in the construction of the new gymnasium in Cagliari “. The answer did not last long and was entrusted to a city council member Manuel Aliyevsithe leader of the Neue Pere Sassari group, who speaks of a “horrible relationship”, “an incredible response” and explains: “The attempt of the Sassari administration was to lay the foundations to repair the structure, which had been abandoned for years, to give the city a new sporting space, especially for volleyball.”

Alivesi then takes the ball to find an allegedly contradictory situation for Secci who remembers being in A demonstration “organised by Fip itself at Palazzo Ducale to protest the municipal administration’s lack of interest in the Sassari volleyball sector.”It is precisely at this point that the mayor himself, or whoever manages the social account that bears his name, increases the dose:I understand – writes Nanni Campus or whatever for him – that the regional volleyball chief would prefer to sponsor the construction of a new facility in Cagliari, but why come to Sassari to protest because there are no facilities? Finally comes Secci’s reply, which we reached by phone: “The first citizen – he says – should read before he writes on social media.” and rebuild the original The funds in question, coming from the National Pnrr – National Recovery and Resilience Plan – Sports Front belonging to Group 3 and aimed at “projects in which there is a competitive sports interest for at least one sports federation.”“In the case of Cagliari we are not talking – the Fip chief sets – about gym maintenance but Construction of a multi-purpose facility from scratch with eight thousand seats at a cost of twenty million eurosWhich was given the green light by four federations (which can only support one intervention) – volleyball, tennis, table tennis and boxing. Each of them is four million euros to which, if the project continues, three million and 500 thousand euros for the municipality of Cagliari.

Basically, Secci still maintains, Sassari’s proposal should be included in the Group 2 scale, which includes “renovation of sports facilitiesOn the tone of the civilian leader’s response, he adds: “Only the resentment of the Doge’s Palace demonstration that I still demanded In any case I would like to thank him for his interest. But his words yesterday attempt to put me against the sports federations but it will not work.” There is also clarification on the timing:I was contacted by the municipality of Cagliari in the middle of March, by the municipality of Sassari last week, moreover by an official, not even by the chancellorIn the meantime, indignation rages, net of situations on the field: Sassari, that’s the general impression, loses a lot of chances.

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