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Caldo in forte aumento nei prossimi giorni, ma non ovunque

Temperature, soon up to 43 ° C African heat wave; TERMS OF PERIOD AND » concerned

Weather: temperature, soon up to 43 ° C African heat wave; Period and areas involved

The heat will increase in the coming days, but not everywhereTheAfrican Anti-Storm, Indeed, in the near future it could once again envelop parts of Italy with a load of boiling air.

A few days after the subtropical high pressure lost its importance in the climate environment of Italy, now the situation is changing again. Very hot air Rising from the interior of the Sahara they will again swell an anticyclonic promontory ready to invade parts of our country.

areas South and two o’clock Major Islands Where already Wednesday Thermometers show respectable values ​​for the period. Climb the steps to the top of the platform Sicily The maximum temperature will already touch the peak 43 °C In Palermo And 42 °C in the areas Syracuse. Temperatures are increasing in other parts of the south, while in the mid-north, such extreme values ​​will not be reached, although it will still be warm here.

Pay attention to Thursday the 18th, and in fact, along with Wednesday, this will probably be one of the two hottest days of African fire this number. There was once again a special observance Sicily The graduated scale of thermometers is ready to show higher numbers. Here, in fact, the mercury column reaches even higher 43 °C And always in Palermo areas. The rest of the south will continue to be hot near the peaks 40 °C In some corners of Puglia and in the Ionian region between Basilicata and Calabria.

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Over the next few days, cold air masses descending from the northern quadrants will underlie the heat drop over the central and southern regions as well.

And Weekend What should we expect? Apart from the surprises, attendanceAntithesis of the AzoresBut we will provide more details about this in next updates.