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If you buy these cars, take profit meter immediately

If you buy these cars, take profit meter immediately

The tax officer is always vigilant and does not take his eyes off the taxpayer. To carry out the necessary checks is the revenue agency that goes so far as to check the cars in the citizen’s possession.

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Many use cash to evade checks because with cards, bank accounts, etc., more materials are given to Finance Police Who can in this way be sure at any time of any tax evasion, fraud, etc.

In fact, it is good to know that not only Guardia di Finanza can access this data, just contacttax record Know exactly what each taxpayer has, from checking accounts to real estate, rentals, cars, motorcycles and boats.

Sports, luxury and historical cars, here are the most exposed to the controls

Certain assets are taken into consideration more, including cars that the tax officer can open an investigation into, thus creating unpleasant situations. This is especially the case when buying cars of a certain type, such as Sentences luxury, pounds Sentences booze or pound Sentences Historical. Super cars are those that few can afford, but many have even though no one knows the bank account. This ends up being an alarm bell that prompts tax authorities to run checks and go to the bottom.

In this case, the taxpayer ends up on the lists of people at risk of tax evasion: when the victim’s name ends up in this list, it ends because every move will be subject to verification. The taxpayer individually studies the state of the taxpayer’s economy by determining the ratio of the value of the declared income and the value of the car. Practically speaking, one wonders how any taxpayer managed to purchase a Sentences 80,000 euros after filing a tax return of 20,000 euros. At this point, the owner is required to prove the source of the funds. This can present documents of a donation received from relatives, inheritance, game winnings, withdrawal of investment from any goods or compensation.

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What happens after the first checkup?

After the initial interview, the buyer must justify how he intends to meet all the expenses incurred in the possession of the vehicle, and therefore road tax, insurance, gasoline and regular and exceptional maintenance.

If the explanations are not enough, the verification procedure beforerevenue agency. The person concerned will have to go to the nearest office and prove the source of income, how he bought the car and how he intends to keep it.