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Support for external drives and more, details from Sony –

PS5 About to receiveApril UpdateWhich will be available from tomorrow, April 14, 2021 It was configured as a first significant update to the console system software, with details released in these minutes by Sony regarding support. Esterni usb hard drive, the new Social functions And many other features.

In the PS5 comes the ability to transfer PS5 games to an external USB memory stick

The first point might be the most important for PS5 users, as it finally offers the possibility to keep an external USB hard drive PS5 games. This means that you will be able to transfer PS5 games from the console’s internal storage to USB Extended Storage, Solve the problem of limited space available in the internal SSD of the console.

It should be remembered that next-generation PS5 games cannot be run from an external hard drive, but only DepositedSo in order to use it, you must transfer it back to the internal memory just like it happens with the Xbox Series X | S and next-generation gaming, but the transfer should be swift and painless. Also note that the PS5 games It cannot be downloaded directly On an extended USB storage device, as reported by Sony.

As for the new “social” features of the PS5, it is worth noting that they can be activated Share Play tra PS5 e PS4 With crossover games: PS4 and PS5 players can now use Share Play while chatting at parties. This means PS5 console users can let their PS4 console friends view their game screen or experience PS5 games via Share Play and vice versa. Options include the ability to share your screen with a friend and physically hand over your console, or secondary console, to a friend and play co-op games together.

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new Customization and control options Optimized for PS5 then include the following enhancements:

  • Base of the game Improvement: Improved Game Base menu to allow faster access to important content and features. You can now easily switch between parties and friends and start chatting with current parties or view your friends’ individual activities online. Additionally, you can turn notifications on or off for each of the parties you attend
  • Disable in-game chat o Adjust players ‘volume: You can now quickly mute the game chat to turn off the microphone and other players’ voice. In addition, you can easily adjust the volume of single voice chat for other players in the same chat, so you don’t have to ask your friends to turn the microphone volume down or turn it up every time
  • Preload updates Game: When activated by developers, game updates will be pre-downloaded to your console if the Automatic Updates setting is enabled and the console is turned on or in rest mode. This way you can start playing the latest version of the title right after the update is released
  • Customize the game setWith the ability to search your collection or hide games, it is now easy to find content and customize the display of your game collection
  • Screen enlargement: You can now adjust the screen magnification according to your preference from the settings menu
  • New settings and stats screen Prizes: You can now customize the trophy level to automatically get a screenshot or video, so you can choose to capture and save only photos or videos of the moments you win with higher-rated prizes, such as Gold or Platinum. We also introduce a new Player Cup Statistics screen, where you can see your trophy level and status summary at a glance.

PS5 Trophies now has a more advanced tracking system and the ability to share linked photos and videos
PS5 Trophies now has a more advanced tracking system and the ability to share linked photos and videos

Among the novelties are also new features for PlayStation app To simplify remote connection to the console. After submitting a wish list in relation to the store, it will soon be possible to join a multiplayer session on the PS5 from the app, manage the PS5 console storage, compare prize pools with friends, and sort and filter the products offered in the PlayStation Store.