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Moscow and NATO intend to deploy 40,000 troops near Russia – Ultima Aura

(ANSA) – MOSCOW, April 13 – NATO intends to deploy 40,000 soldiers and 15,000 military vehicles near the borders of Russia: This is what Moscow’s Defense Minister, Sergey Shoigu, reprimanded by the Russian state news agency TASS. “40,000 troops and 15,000 vehicles and war equipment, including strategic aircraft, will be concentrated,” Shoigu said.

Moscow is taking action in response to NATO “threats”, and within three weeks, it has transferred two armies and three airborne military units to “training areas” and near Russia’s western border. Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu was reappointed by Interfax. “In response to the military activities of the coalition that threaten Russia, we have taken appropriate measures,” Shoigu said. “Within three weeks, two armies and three airborne units were successfully transferred to Russia’s western borders and training areas.” (handle).

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