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Super Mario's European mission to transform America

Super Mario’s European mission to transform America

Among Mario Draghi’s unwritten works, the Titanic highlights talent and great fortune: it uses the status of the 27th official head of state to encourage and almost compel Europe to fill the void left by the United States in the Mediterranean. That is, politics, foreign policy, and consequently the creation of conditions for current and future security. The US hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan has in fact formalized the continuation of the Biden administration over the Trumpian global secession. Now, that’s our cabbage. Among us are Italians and Europeans. But European companies are not paying attention: they seem to be underestimating the consequences of violating the rights of neighbors threatened by political turmoil by opening up internal fronts in protecting the rights of minorities. The health crisis was largely triggered by Erdogan’s Turkey, under pressure from extremism. Here, if there is one state with an apparent imperialist occupation that occupies the vacuum left by the United States in the Mediterranean, it is Turkey.

As far as we know, it is happening in Libya. But it is also happening in Somalia, where many years of infrastructure, health and military investment have now turned this former Italian colony into a Turkish defender. After last year’s military cooperation agreement, it looks like it will affect Albania as well. The Mediterranean is boiling, many states are at risk of bankruptcy and Europe is divided over the sacred rights of homosexuals, the Turkish agency for cooperation and development, DICA, is firmly intervening in aid and investment projects, behind the scenes humanitarianism, the strategic state infrastructure of governments starting from ports and airports. This is happening in Sunni ways in Lebanon, which has been devastated by an unprecedented economic crisis. This could happen in neighboring Tunisia, where the economic downturn and the recent coup are likely to turn into a major wave of displacement already.

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By choosing Libya as his first international trip on April 6, Mario Draghi showed that he had a clear idea of ​​the problem. It is now clear to member states, especially France, that one state is not enough to change US foreign and security policy: Europe is needed.