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Old age pension in 2022 What help the unemployed?

Old age pension in 2022 What help the unemployed?

for whom I’m finished You have not yet reached the age of receiving an old-age pension, what are the expected benefits as financial support? Let’s find out by responding to a reader who writes to us:

Good morning to all of the editorial staff.

I would like to explain my situation to you: at the moment I am using Naspi, which will expire next October, when (God wills) I will be 66 years old. Well, after receiving the last month of Naspi, until October 2022, I don’t know how to do that.

Is there any support INPS can offer me while I am waiting for my age 67?

Thank you in advance, and we wish you a nice day.

Greetings and good luck to all.”

Retirement in 2022: What helps?

At the end of Naspi, if he hadn’t gained the right to one early retirement(For example, with 38 years of contributions can reach the 100 quota), he will have to wait until age 67 to be entitled to an old-age pension and that means waiting a year without getting unemployment benefit or a pension.

In the absence of further assistance from the state and the impossibility of finding a new job also due to age, I understand very well that the coming months may cause some concern.

The only solution that can be used is basic income Provided that the ISEE of the family unit is within the limits established by law (9360 euros per year). ISEE 2021 is obviously based on 2019 income when you are likely to still be paid and partially received Naspi at the highest amount.

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To get around this problem, once you use Naspi, after obtaining the ISEE certification, ordercurrent ISEE Who will give you an overview of your economic situation in the past 12 months (and if the only income for the family unit is yours, it may be within the limits of having an RDC). If he manages to meet the requirements of the procedure, he can benefit from citizenship income up to access to an old-age pension.

“If you have any doubts or questions, contact us at the email address and ask [email protected]