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COPPA ITALIA – Samp, novità per il rigorista! Sabiri, Strefezza, Colombo, Soppy, Success…

Coppa Italia – Sampdoria, news for the penalty kick! Sabiri, Streviza, Colombo, Subi, Success… – SOS Fanta

The Lychee He lost 3-2 after extra time to Cittadella, and the elimination came from the Coppa Italia. Baroni lined up with Strefezza, Ceesay and Di Francesco at Trident, Petrovic starting at Mezzala. log from LEXIPRIMA: “The start of the match sees the castle dangerous twice: already in the first minute Falcone is forced to clear a shot from the center of the area by Loris Varela for a corner, then in 4′ Vita tries to solve on the fly from outside. Strefezza is the first player from Giallorossi to try the solution on goal, No luck, so it’s up to you Bystrovich whose end ends behind the mirror. There’s a bit of acceleration: at 13′, Strefezza closes in a triangle with a diameter directed toward the second pole, with the ball snapping at the bottom. Already without Toya, Lecce loses the other goal scorer, Dermako who missed the closing time in the 22nd minute and gets hurt, allowing Antonucci to touch the advantage. After the break given by the referee, Baschirotto enters and Gendrey goes to play the middle, along with another Frenchman Blin, who in this situation is a truly emergency solution. The captain’s armband passes from Dermako to Hjolmand. In the 26th minute, a cross from Pestrovic was intriguing to Di Francesco who during the race wasted enough control for Castratec to take the ball. The start of the second half follows the text of the first break, and indeed, compared to it, this time Lecce cannot get out of his own half.

The audience is impatient and whistling. In the moment of greatest confusion, the Giallorossi Discover the advantage with Strefezza Who sends a cross from Di Francesco to the goal at the end of a good heart forward. Beretta replaced Loris Varela in the 63rd minute and Baroni ordered a three-way substitution near the cooling break: inside Colombo, Gonzalez and Leszkowski, outside Sesai, Bystrovich and Di Francesco. Guerini responded in the 72nd minute with Pavan and Carreiro for Danzi and Vita, and immediately snatched the equalizer with the former Asensio, well positioned in the far corner and ruthless in exploiting a better header than Blaine. In the 80th minute, Antonucci attempted a heel shot to mock Falcone but the ball only ends to the side. The Veneto coach in 85 minutes made up of the available substitutions with Mastrantonio for Branca and Toncara for Asensio. Regular time ends in a draw. Lecce returns with Calabrese instead of Gendry, with Bacerotto being the center. In the 92nd minute, the guests scored: Lecce made a mistake in the second half with a pass from Helgason, which was intercepted by the opponents, and the striker who deceived Falcone rushed to the left. Extra time allows the technicians to make a sixth change: in the fifth minute, Baroni chooses to send Mariano onto the field instead of Helgason. The third goal for the Citadella again with the No. 9 striker who hit a corner kick from the right and past the Lecce goalkeeper again. In one minute of extra time allowed, a goal comes Colombo Who reopens the match: Help from Hjulmand to cut through the defense and claw the previous shoulder pad. by Mariano Cesima in the 115th minute: Face to face with Castrate, who is eagerly awaited by the scorer. And in the minute of extra time, Colombo comes close to a tie and a personal double, with a quick shot flying the lead.”

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There are some positive points for Che despite the defeat. Good guide to Bystrovich In midfield, he’s good in both stages. Helgasson refused, Hegolmand does not shine a certain way. In defense there is no sharp rejection of Calabresi and Paskerotto in particular. 5.5 inch between the falcon girders. In a rejection attack for Sesay, for review. In his place entered Colombo Whoever did better, scored a goal even if he also struggled sometimes. from 6.5 fatigue Who scored, I have enough Francesco. Listkowski failed better than Di Mariano.

✅ LECCE-Cittadella 2-3

Objectives: Strefezza, Colombo

exercise: Falcon. Gendry (90′ Calabrese), Blaine, Dermaco (from 23′ Bachirotto), Gallo; Bystrovich (67′ Gonzalez), Hjolmand, Helgason (95′ di Mariano); Streviza, Sesai (68 ° Colombo), Di Francesco (68 ° Listkovsky).