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Super Bowl Halftime Show: Who will be on the 2024 halftime show?

Super Bowl Halftime Show: Who will be on the 2024 halftime show?

I Football It is one of the most popular sports in North America and year after year the franchises try to win the title National Football League (NFL) in power.

This match is usually held in Second Sunday in Februaryand the NFL Final It pits the champions of the National Football League (NFC) and American Football Conference (AFC) against each other.

It is one of the largest events in the United States and has evolved over the years Not only as a sporting event but also as an entertainment showEspecially with the famous Halftime show (to'Half time show), a tradition that allowed thousands of sports fans to see some of their favorite artists.

The first time the halftime show was presented was on… Super Bowl in 1967where the University of Arizona Symphony, Grambling State University Marching Band and Al Hurt performed during this brief hiatus.

Initially only performances of this type were given, but over the years, artists of various genres, such as jazz, were given the opportunity to perform.

However, only in 1990s The league saw the opportunity to transform this space into a major spectacle and included distinguished artists such as New children in the building s Gloria Estefan.

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