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“Subtly spread optimism, all the chatter” – El Tiempo

“Subtly spread optimism, all the chatter” – El Tiempo

Kate Middleton “has reached a turning point in her treatment and is feeling much better.” Vanity Fair magazine revealed it a few days ago. Meanwhile, Buckingham Palace was filled with “tens of thousands” of postcards and letters bearing messages wishing him a speedy recovery following the video message in which the Princess of Wales announced she had undergone a course of preventive chemotherapy for her cancer diagnosis. This came during the last episode of the information and current affairs program Afternoon Five, presented by Mirta Merlino. Among others, journalist and royal expert Antonio Caprarica spoke. He clearly said the words: “This breath of optimism seems to have been spread artistically. Perhaps through royal observers very close to the royal family interested in giving a more positive sense of reality.”

King Charles is present at Trooping the Color but in a carriage.  Who will replace Kate?

“It has been a huge relief to know that she is tolerating the medication and is doing much better. Kate is clearly in no rush to return to work and remains focused on her recovery. Of course, it has been very difficult and a worrying time with everyone gathered around her: William “The medical team is working 100 percent, there is no doubt about it,” Caprarica recalls. “Someone else is describing a situation,” Caprarica wrote “Worrying.” “We greatly respect the confidentiality of this struggling woman. She will let us know when her condition improves. The objective reality is that we will not see her for several months and this is evidence of how serious the disease is. “It’s all talk,” the writer added.

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