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Transfer flight from Bologna to Luxembourg.  “Sour smell on the plane”

Transfer flight from Bologna to Luxembourg. “Sour smell on the plane”

Bologna, May 31, 2024 – Moments of fear On board Ryanair flight FR3938 departing from the airport Marconi Bologna this morning at 10.

Era I headed to Charleroi Airport in BelgiumBut it landed in Luxembourg at around 11.30 am. In the evening, Ryanair denied that there was a fire, and explained with a note that there was an emergency landing Finished “Because there was a smell in the cabin.” Without specifying whether it smelled smoke. “The plane landed normally – the low-cost company says – and the passengers have disembarked and the plane is being examined by engineers.” However, the situation is delicate, which could have certainly led to worse consequences.

He was on the plane too fire. The passengers were allowed to disembark Waiting for the bus provided by the low-cost airline to arrive Brussels.

The story of a passenger

“I was sleeping, and when I suddenly opened my eyes I saw everything Stewardess running down the plane. At that point I knew something was wrong. Then we started hearing A Pungent smell They told us that we would make an emergency landing. There was no panic, but it was There was complete silence on the planeUntil we arrived in Luxembourg and the firefighters arrived who put out the flames that came from the kitchens.” This is how a passenger on board the plane told the Italian news agency ANSA about the incident.

“We didn’t really understand what was burning,” says the passenger, who lives and works in Bologna and was heading to Belgium. “They told us that even the flight attendants didn’t understand it at first. You could only see smoke and there was a bad smell.” For a weekend getaway.

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“Only when the firefighters arrived did we panic a little, because we realized we had taken a risk. At the airport they told us there were technical problems, but no one explained to us exactly what happened.”

Once on the ground, shortly after 11.30, airport assistants announced that the airline would be available Bus to get to Charleroi. He added: “But we did not know the timings well. They kept changing the arrival time later, because the bus was likely to arrive from Belgium and we had to wait for hours.”

Many passengers went to the station to take the train directly to Brussels. Then, at around 1.30pm, Ryanair contacted via message: 4 buses will arrive at the airport at 1.45pm To transport passengers to Charleroi Airport, which is about an hour’s drive from the Belgian capital