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Chiara Ferragni e Fedez sfidano il pericolo: sospesi nel vuoto per una foto

stuck in the blank for a picture

Chiara Ferragni and Fedez discuss again. The influencer and rapper, on vacation in the Balearic Islands, braved danger, choosing a magical scenario for a photo shoot. It is unfortunate that the two, who have sunk into the void without harnesses and support, sent a nasty message that drew criticism from fans…

Chiara Ferragni And the videos They are one of the most followed couples on the web and they always do it under the watchful eye. But this time, the couple seems to have exaggerated! The Vergnese found in vacation in Balearics Aiming to capture a dream photo at sunset, they went to one of the most beautiful landscapes in the region, but also the most hostile, S Phaedra.

They arrived with a group of friends and a local guide to rocks who characterizes the island and sits on the edge of a rock, with cliff behind them. The effect of the posted video is magical, because the red sunset opens behind it, and behind it the horizon and the sea. But it is unfortunate that the two, without belts And does not support, you have risk Great only for a social post!

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Chiara Ferragni and Fedez in the storm

He hears a scream: “We’re fucking him.” videos In the video, while standing next to Chiara Ferragni, With the space a few inches behind him. a video Which caused a lot of discussion, with some followers also pointing out the completely wrong timing of the post, just a few hours away from Tragedy An adventure on the Vicenza plateau, where a boy lost his life by falling into a ravine trying to recover a mobile phone that fell after taking a selfie:

I’m sorry, I’m following you two but You have to give another example Given the tragedies that happen to look cool by simulating influencers, so do you! […] Please don’t let anyone mimic e lose your life.

Among the many critics there are also Marina Di Guadio, .’s mother Chiara Ferragni, Whoever admitted that he disagreed with what his daughter and Vadiz had done:

I saw that and I did not agree. Hopeless…without proper shoes and over a ferrata cable. Riding dangerous And the full of dangers!