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Strong earthquake in Orvieto.  A magnitude of 3.6 was centered in Alarona

Strong earthquake in Orvieto. A magnitude of 3.6 was centered in Alarona

Terni, 6 December 2023 – Two shocks Off Earthquake It was reported in the evening in the area Orvieto However without causing damage.

According to the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, it is the strongest Size 3.6 And recorded at 9.06 pm at a distance of four kilometers Alerona. Another Richter magnitude earthquake 2.2 It was five minutes ago near Castel Viscardo.

The shock, which was clearly felt in Arvito, was strong and caused no damage other than a few cracks in the buildings in the area. Castel Viscardo. In fact, firefighters received no requests for intervention.

The city was evacuated as a precaution Mancinelli Theatre There was the show “L’Anatra all’arancio” with Emilio Solfrizzi and Carlotta Natoli. Mayor Roberta Dardani To appease the audience, he explained the necessity of the interruption and left the theater promising that the show would resume soon.

Many left their homes, both in Orvieto, but above all Alerona And at Castel Viscardo, a less intense but clearly perceptible first shock occurred at 9.02 pm, before the second shock, with a magnitude of 2.2 and epicenter at Castel Viscardo. By 10 pm the situation returned to normal and even those who had intended to spend the night outside their homes decided to return home due to sheer fear and shock. In addition to the checks already carried out this evening, extensive checks will be carried out by the municipality tomorrow to ensure that there is no damage to private and public properties and monuments.

As a precaution, schools Castel Viscardovin will remain in place tomorrow, according to Mayor Daniele Longaroni’s decision. Closed.

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