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STLA SmartCockpit and Ram ProMaster

STLA SmartCockpit and Ram ProMaster

Amazon and Stellantis will collaborate to provide software solutions that will be implemented in the STLA SmartCockpit, the new digital cockpit platform to be launched in 2024.

Amazon StillsThe two companies announced a series of global, multi-year agreements that will transform the driving experience. The new agreement will facilitate the mobility sector’s transition towards a sustainable future that becomes more efficient through the use of software.

The agreement, which includes Amazon Devices, Amazon Web Services and Amazon Last Mile, will enable Stellantis to accelerate its transformation into a sustainable mobility technology company. The two companies will work together to implement Amazon’s experience in technology and software across the Stellantis Foundation.

Amazon Stellantis: The New Partnership

The process will include the vehicle development phases, building connected in-vehicle experiences, and training the next generation of automotive software engineers. Together, the two companies will create a suite of products and services that will integrate with customers’ digital lives, adding value over time through periodic over-the-air (OTA) software updates. The agreement between the two companies will focus on different areas.

Amazon Stellantis: STLA SmartCockpit

Amazon and Stellantis will collaborate to develop Program per STLA SmartCockpit, which will run on millions of vehicles globally starting in 2024. The platform will integrate with the digital lives of owners to create a personalized and intuitive in-car experience. This goal will be achieved thanks to the applications that are optimized byArtificial intelligence That will improve entertainment, navigation, vehicle maintenance, Alexa-provided voice assistance, use of e-commerce platforms, and payment services.

The STLA SmartCockpit platform will use Amazon products and services developed specifically for Stellantis vehicles, giving them the flexibility to create brand and model-specific features. The program will provide customized solutions and experiences through a App Store It has a smart design and a responsive user interface. Relevant and timely information, as well as options appropriate to individual clients’ needs and preferences, will be presented.

From the start of the journey to getting home, whether on or off-road, the STLA SmartCockpit will adapt to users’ behaviors, passions and interests. the Chrysler Pacifica carsFor example, they might offer a family-friendly itinerary that recommends multimedia, points of interest, and other fun stops along the way.

Alternatively, Jeep models can be equipped with a digital off-road “coach” that helps drivers calibrate and improve the vehicle’s performance before tackling the toughest terrain. Users will be able to proactively monitor their homes once they travel, thanks to integration with leading security and smart home services from Amazon. Stellantis car owners will be able to manage the cars via their enabled smart devices, at home or from the Alexa smartphone app. Amazon’s voice assistance system will also provide customized features that allow you to order accessories, plan maintenance, and set the cabin temperature before entering the vehicle.

Development work at the STLA SmartCockpit will leverage Mobile Drive, the joint venture formed in 2021 by Stellantis and Foxconn to develop innovative digital cockpits and customized connected services.

Amazon Stellants:Expanding the sustainable delivery network

Since 2018, Stellantis Amazon has supplied tens of thousands of light commercial vehicles to support last mile logistics in North America and Europe. Include relevant models Ram ProMaster, Fiat Ducato and light commercial vehicles from Peugeot and Citroen.

Amazon is transforming last-mile logistics into new sustainable solutions. This initiative is part of the Climate Pledge, a program that aims to eliminate carbon emissions by 2040. As part of a separate agreement with Stellantis, Amazon will be the first commercial customer of the New Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Ram ProMasterwhich will be launched in 2023. With a contribution from Amazon, Stellantis designed the model to enrich it with unique features aimed at the last mile.

Amazon will put vehicles on US roads: Based on the existing agreement, the two companies will bring thousands of electric ProMasters to the road each year.

Amazon Stills: new experiences

Today’s announcement extended to the areas of cooperation that already exist between the two companies. Stellantis, for example, was the first automaker to integrate the Amazon Fire TV experience with the launch of the new Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer in 2022; The same approach will also be taken for the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Chrysler Pacifica.

Stellantis was also the first automaker to announce plans to introduce the Alexa Custom Assistant. It is a solution that makes it possible to create customized artificial intelligence, along with voice experiences based on Alexa technology.

Today, Stellantis brings the Alexa voice experience built into its vehicles around the world. With simple voice commands, you can navigate, play music, listen to podcasts, audiobooks, and news, make calls, check calendars, check the weather, manage smart home devices, and more.


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