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Still not using the Night Light filter on Windows?  Activate it now!

Still not using the Night Light filter on Windows? Activate it now!

Technological innovation has brought many benefits to our daily lives, but it also brings some drawbacks, such as increased exposure to blue light.

This specific wavelength of light, emitted by the screens of our electronic devices, can have… Negative effects on our visual health And on our sleep. Fortunately, operating systems like Windows 11 provide solutions to mitigate these effects. One of them is night light mode.

After long hours in front of the computer, your eyes are affected – (Source Canva)

Night Light is a feature in Windows 11 that allows you to reduce the amount of blue light emitted by your laptop or computer screen. This change helps Reduce eye strain During the evening and night hours it can help improve the quality of users’ sleep.

The mode works by changing the colors displayed on the screen to warmer tones.

How to activate the night light

To activate this function, the first step is to control the device by launching the Start menu in Windows 11. Here you will find the Settings icon, represented by a gear; Clicking on it takes you to the settings panel General Settings For operating system.

Solve vision and sleep problems with a blue light filter for Windows – (Source Canva)

Once you get into the settings, you need to make sure that you are in the “System” section. Inside this area you will find an item called “Screen” or “Display”, depending on the language version used in Windows 11. By selecting this option, you can access Selected screen settings.

On the page dedicated to the screen you can find Night light option. By default, this feature is disabled; To activate it, simply move the switch next to the “Night Light” item to the on position. By performing this procedure, you will immediately notice a change in the color tone of the screen: from bluish, you will move to warmer and brown tones.

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To further customize your Night Light experience, you can access detailed settings by clicking on the appropriate item. Here you can adjust the intensity of the effect and Automatically start and stop the program Job based on time required.

Fast way

There’s also a faster way to access Night Light settings without having to navigate through the general settings menu. By right-clicking on an empty space on the desktop, the context menu will appear; Selecting “Display Settings” from this menu will redirect you Directly to the screen page In system settings.

This method saves time and is especially useful for those who need to activate or deactivate the application frequently Night light mode According to your daily needs.

Using Night Light mode offers many benefits to users:

  • Reducing eye strainWarm shades help reduce the effort the eye needs to focus on the screen during the evening hours.
  • Improve sleep qualityReducing exposure to blue light before going to bed can greatly contribute to improving sleep quality.
  • Flexibility: Thanks to customizable options, each user can adapt its operation according to his habits and preferences.

By activating Night Light mode on Windows 11, users can enjoy the benefits of reducing blue light exposure without giving up using their devices in the evening hours.