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Stellantis ha deciso il futuro delle fabbriche Opel

Stellantis decided the future of Opel factories – the world of cars

The future of German factories is more clearly defined Opel. There are no spin-offs in sight for the House of Lightning locations back home, with replays also in Iznatch starting next month January. Group leaders anticipate the brand’s next moves Stilants, who controls the Ruesselsheim brand, during a meeting with trade union IG Metall, a summit demanded by workers’ representatives following concerns about the brand’s future that arose after production was halted in recent weeks.

The group executives born of the merger between FCA and PSA had also assured Opel employees of the front line and models being assembled in Germany, including is Grandland, whose production has been temporarily shifted to the French site due to the shutdown from Eisenach since last September. Stellantis had confirmed that the Opel SUV would return to active production in Germany and that the Eisenach plant would be the only one to take care of the assembly. Temporarily produced in France when the Eisenach closes in September, it will be produced exclusively at the German plant starting in 2022. In recent weeks, German unions and several politicians have pointed the finger at the group that controls Opel, accusing it of not making it clear. The industrial plans of the brand, in particular for the factories in Ruesselsheim and Eisenach.

At first it seemed that Stellantis was bent on Split production structure to make it more flexible But the information gathered during the last interview with the workers’ representatives appears to rule out this maneuver. “Outsourcing and Opel dissolution have been avoided and recruitment has been secured. I hope management will guide the company in a constructive and transparent manner in the future, from now on”Joerg Koehlinger, a representative for IG Metall, said in an interview with Automotive News Europe. The alarm therefore returned to Opel, at least for the time being.

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