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Sky, USA national team coach, Rulfi: "We work well, we are satisfied" - Sports

Sky, USA national team coach, Rulfi: “We work well, we are satisfied” – Sports

Sophia Gogia

Copper Mountain, November 17, 2021 – National team jets work in the United States prior to the North American tests at the end of November. Dominic is also on Copper Mountain Paris E. Christoph Innerhofer, When women are among them Brignon e Kokia, No Pacino Who will participate in Levi Slalom. Blue received the arrival of the best champion Lindsay வொன். Supergiant and Downhill training to prepare for this year’s first speed test.

Rulfi: “Satisfaction”

Despite some snow problems, Jianluca, the technical director, was satisfied with the work done Rulfi: “We train well in Colorado – coach explains to busy channels -. The first few days we had a little trouble because the snow that came a few years ago did not come soon and even with artificial snow. In about three days we have reached 100%, which allows us to do about one and a half minutes of speed in racing conditions, so we are very satisfied. The girls’ conditions are good, and those who go to Gillington for the Giant on Saturday, November 27, will have two more days of descent, and then we will go to the Giant. “

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