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State retired at age 70 for anyone who wants to work.  Modified FdI to Milleproroghe

State retired at age 70 for anyone who wants to work. Modified FdI to Milleproroghe

in work until the age of 70, even if the retirement requirements are met. The Social Security file is located in the Milleproroghe Ordinance with an important novelty relating to state pensions. An amendment drafted by the brothers in Italy, which seems to be a large part of the majority supporting the government on convergence, provides that civil servants who have reached 67 years of age and have not reached 36 years of contributions “on a voluntary basis, may request the continuation of service until they reach the age of 70 “. The proposal is contained in a deed filed with the Senate Budget Committee, first signed by Domenico Matera. In any case, getting late from work will not be automatic. In fact, the amendment states that it is up to “the general department in which the employee works to accept the request.” The process will be free, as there are “no new or greater burdens on public finances”.

Sources who grapple with this suggestion explain that it is a choice that stems from the need to cover certain business needs, given that it is likely, this year, through the Quota 103 tool, nearly 10,000 workers.

Health Care
On the subject of social security, among the amendments reported by the parliamentary blocs to the Melbrorog Decree, a centrist in Neu Modrati and a member of the League proposed that doctors’ pensions be deferred to 72. The agreement signed by Antonio De Polli (We are the moderates) states, in particular, that “from January 1, 2023 until December 31, 2026, the age limit for the appointment of a retired office on a voluntary basis at the date of seventy-two years of age is raised for medical staff, personnel or associates, of the National Health Service. This faculty also extends to medical personnel working in private structures of the National Health Service, and university professors of medicine and surgery.” Other cross-cutting amendments propose extending the possibility of agreements between companies and trade unions until 2026 for the exit of employees as young as seven years after fulfilling retirement requirements.

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the home
Important news on the Superbonus front: Milleproroghe: also more time for social housing Superbonus: more time will come to allow Iacp independent social housing institutions to take advantage of the discount. In particular, Forza Italia requires that for properties “for which at least 60 percent of the total work has been carried out until June 30, 2023, a deduction of 110 percent is also due for expenses incurred by December 31, 2024”. Forza Italia is still proposing to award an additional three months of Superbonus at 110% for villas. For single-family homes in which at least 30% of the total work has been done as of September 30, 2022, the maximum subsidy of 110% is no longer valid until March 31 but until June 30, 2023. Public land use by catering companies. Fratelli d’Italia aims to extend until the end of the year the possibility for bars and restaurants to do business outside in the streets, sidewalks and decorations. Discounts on the horizon, supported by the majority, for those who rent. A dry coupon “can also be applied to leases of real estate units primarily for residential use where the tenant is an operator or business or for the arts and professions.” Finally, an amendment by the Italian brothers created new specific funds, in the amount of 110 million, for Rome in view of the jubilee year 2025.

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