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Starfield has more than 12 million players, and Phil Spencer is confident about the game’s future

Starfield has more than 12 million players, and Phil Spencer is confident about the game’s future

During an interview conducted at CCXP (Comic Con Experience) in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the Xbox head said, Phil Spencertalked about various topics and also touched on this issue StarfieldRevealing that the game has passed 12 million players And this he has Great confidence in the future From the Bethesda title.

The player quantity number was quickly mentioned by Phil Spencer without providing further information, so we don’t know to what extent this might be updated.

At the end of October, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talked about 11 million players in Starfield, so it was likely to grow by another million in about a month, even if we don’t know what timelines those indicate. . Data.

Starfield will continue to grow in the future

Starfield will continue to expand and enrich in the future

However, Spencer also mentioned that he was particularly confident in Long term support For Starfield, the various additions and enrichments will certainly be able to make the Bethesda title a “huge hit,” also pointing out how the game has been in the top ten of the most played games on Xbox practically since the day it launches.

So the idea is that Starfield is destined to grow over time, through expansions and additions and also obviously modernWhich will receive official support from Bethesda in 2024.

“We have already announced The next expansion is coming, Shattered Space“And the community told us that they would have official modding tools to enable the creation of new content in Starfield,” Spencer reported, “This is something that was very important for Skyrim as well, so I have great confidence in the fact that for several years Starfield will continue to be very active and vibrant, with new features.” To play it.

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