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Gemini: Many errors, Google prevents the generation of images of people

Gemini: Many errors, Google prevents the generation of images of people

twin (formerly Bard), Generative Artificial Intelligence Google Based on Imagen 2's text-to-image model, it currently cannot generate images of people. The reason for the blockade operated by Mountain View can be found at Lots of mistakes Committed, especially in historical subjects, which created a real situation, including black and Chinese Nazi soldiers, the American Indian Founding Fathers, the refusal to create images of white men and other egregious historical errors, which arose from a revision of the algorithm intended to enhance the inclusivity of the results.

youth problems

Mid-flight meanwhile laughing

It was known that Google was reviewing the Gemini service, but now the drastic decision has been made to restrict the service until it is fixed. So no more pictures of people created by Gemini until further notice.

It must be said that in our region the service has not yet been activated, so in theory we have not lost anything. However, using a VPN makes it easier to check the ban. For example, with a request to create a soccer team consisting solely of copies of Pianisani, you get a warning: “I understand your request to create an image of a soccer team made up of men who look like Alessio Pianisani, but my instructions prohibit me” from creating images of people. The guidelines aim to ensure the responsible use of image generation technology, avoiding harm and misuse.”

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