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Spiders and giant cobwebs: what is the phenomenon of "bloating"

Spiders and giant cobwebs: what is the phenomenon of “bloating”

After a powerful wave of bad weather accompanied by torrential floods, the state of Victoria in Australia found itself with huge white “sheets” on the ground: thousands spiders They covered trees and fields with record-breaking cobwebs that were moved by the wind and gave highly suggestive visual effects.

The phenomenon of “bloating”

The amazing images are spread around the world: as you can see in the attachment, the video demonstrates the unusual nature of the phenomenon that has affected some areas of the Australian province. “I couldn’t resist sharing this delicate net floating in the breeze”, wrote the author of the video, Carolyn Crossley, a member of the local city council, whose video was posted on Facebook and has thousands of shares among users. Experts explain that this type of spider, usually lives on the ground but in emergency situations takes refuge in trees and bushes Where he makes these huge paintings in the hope that the wind will take him to safer places: this phenomenon is known as “swell‘, literally ballooning, a process by which spiders move through the air releasing one or more very thin threads into them to catch The wind that makes them fly is at the mercy of air currents and electric currents. A 2018 experiment confirmed that electric fields provide enough force to lift spiders into the air and use them to disperse. Ballooning is the behavior in which spiders and some other invertebrates use airborne dispersal to get from one place to another. But due to the flood, the process of building these threads took place this time on the ground.

We can see that Mother Nature can be beautiful but it can also be destructive. As we just know so do floods and hurricanes as winds blew through Gippsland last week. Homes flooded, farms and businesses destroyed, about 25,000 homes were without power at the height of the storm, and thousands were still without power across the state.‘, Carolyn Crossley wrote under the video Traveling the World.To me it is absolutely beautiful, one Blanket From the silk that sways in every vegetation“A local said.”It also shows literally tens of thousands, if not millions, of spiders at ground level. Without spiders, we would have insect pests“, he added.

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Spider webs protect from germs

As all local newspapers write, it is not a phenomenon that should frighten the inhabitants of those regions: these spiders give a huge amount Input Control pests and they will disperse on their own very quickly. In general, spiders do not like to live near humans, and once the fields are dry, they will return to their underground homes. This is why local authorities forbid the use of insecticides to kill them. Besides the strange part of the record, there is also the sadly tragic part: as mentioned in CNNStorms that devastated Victoria killed two people, while a mother and injured son were miraculously rescued by police officers after a tree branch fell on their home.