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United States?  It starts in New York and the big outdoors

United States? It starts in New York and the big outdoors

The true declaration of love for America can only guarantee familiarity and a lasting relationship with a goal not only hereditary but also the result of progressive discoveries. In his speech in the online column on the American stories of Visit Yusa Italy, Michael Cerutti, head of the Gustaldi Holidays, draws a portrait full of memories and suggestions For a place so vast and complex, the motivations for travel are practically never exhausted.

At the heart of the cherub is, above all New York, With the eternal ability to always innovate, but Great places in the North West, With their enormous parks like Yellowstone, it is only the size of the whole of Umbria.

But the president’s vision of Castaldi Holidays is not only a natural return to the past. The main question of the moment Understand what the traveler of the post-epidemic era wants: “We’ve been asking ourselves this for a while, because we’re waiting to get back on the road – underlined cherub – We think the Italians will want to go back to taste the Big Apple first: Despite being the gateway to the United States, it has always been a favorite destination for Italian tourists. Then, for understandable reasons, Great exteriors of many American parks: from Wyoming to Arizona and Nevada. These are all mostly through packages Fly and drive This not only ensures the true essence of the trip to the United States, but also ensures full flexibility and the serenity of places shared exclusively with their friends or family. These are, at the very least, our expectations. Now it all depends on how they work. We hope it’s something to start with next summer. “

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