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Green pass, here's how to get it with Io . App

Green pass, here’s how to get it with Io . App

Io, the public services application ( is one of the channels through which one can obtain a green Covid-19 certificate, or the so-called “green corridor”. Io app users who wish to (whether they are already using the app or intend to download it) without making any requests will receive a notification on their mobile device whenever a certificate is available in their name and will be able to view it directly by opening the message in the app.

The service is available with the latest version already on Io stores, released by PagoPA SpA that runs the app. For the nearly 12 million citizens who have already installed and used IO, an app update will be enough. Those with a digital Spid ID or Cie (electronic identity card) can use the service by downloading the Io and logging in with their credentials. This will be enough to get your valid green certificates (associated with the tax code) in the application, regardless of when they were created: there is no difference either in the time before or after the first entry in the application.

On Io, as with all other channels available to citizens described on the website, the already valid Covid-19 green certificates will be issued gradually since the launch of the national platform – DGC of the Ministry of Health. The certificates will therefore be available on Io when the platform also generates them based on when different health facilities send data to them.

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Step by step procedure

From the start of the nationwide service, in the Io app, a citizen in two simple steps will be able to view their “green pass” and possibly archive it on a smartphone or tablet, confirming vaccination and negativity for a molecular test, antigen test or recovery from Covid.

1. Receive a notification on your device, without making requests, entering codes or other data: it is enough that you log in at least once with Spid or Cie.
2. Enter the Io app (via unlock code or biometric recognition) to open the message with your green certificate: the app will display the QR code and certificate data, which can be viewed directly by Io.
By clicking on the “Details” button on the same screen, the user can read the contents of the certificate and related health data. The information, the same as in the QR code, is sent to Io in absolute security directly from the national platform and is checked every time the certificate is displayed.
3. With the “Save” button, you can keep the certificate with its QR code (through the appropriate function) in the device’s gallery, like any other image, so that you can easily show it even without an Internet connection.