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Spanish cuisine arrives in Italian homes

Spanish cuisine arrives in Italian homes

Spanish gastronomy reaches Italians’ computers, smartphones and tablets: the e-learning platform Acadèmia, launched in 2020 by Chef in Shirt on the American Masterclass model, has opened its doors to international gastronomic secrets by launching five video courses subtitled by many . Great Iberian chefs for a total of 38 lessons, including techniques, tricks and video recipes. In fact, as of October 2021, 23 Italian masters already on site, each with their own specialty, have joined: Enrique “Quique” Dacosta, with a course on the aesthetics of taste rooted in the territory of Valencia by creating specific cooking methods for each ingredient on the sharpness; Michelin five-star Paco Perez with his interpretation of Catalan cuisine; Dietitian, researcher and healthy food ambassador Marta Verona, who talks about how to eat healthy but without giving up; Mario Jimenez, with a cooking class from Gadetana, an old tradition of Cadiz, focused on fish as raw materials; Javi Estevez, who tells how to work and prepare all parts of a pig’s head, with an emphasis on casqueria, or offal. The courses for Dani Garcia, Peppa Muñoz and Jesus Sanchez will also be launched from 2022.

At the same time, the Acadèmia, with its baggage of 63 hours of lessons, is provided in 32 countries between Europe and North America, including the United States and Canada, allowing an international audience to access the skills of the best Italian professionals in the kitchen.

“If Spanish cuisine can be considered something new in Italy, where it is little known to the general public – explains Nicolo Zampello, CEO of Chef in Shirt, of which Acadèmia is a subsidiary – we cannot say the same about Italian cuisine in the world, even if Often, to make it known and appreciated, there are a few distinct dishes that have crystallized in the collective imagination through their simplest forms.By internationalizing the platform, we literally intend to create the school with what we believe to be the true Italian culinary tradition, a heritage so rich in raw materials, processes and details Narrated by talented translators.

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The Masters are already at the Acadèmia, which in just over a year and a half has gathered more than 80,000 members in Italy among culinary enthusiasts and professionals, ranging from well-known big names, including many stars, to young talents from powerful sectors. Expansion: Eugenio Massari, Ernest Knam, Vincenzo Santoro and Domenico de Clemente Patisserie, David Oldani, Alessandro Borghese, Igles Corelli, Eugenio Boyer, Diego Rossi and Cristiano Tommy reinterpreting traditional cuisine, Norbert Niederkofler and Fabio Corelli on mountain cuisine, Hirohiko Shoda with true Japanese tradition , Pino Cuttaia who talks about Sicily, Luciano Monosilio who joins the eternal debate on Carbonara, Davide Longoni, Daniele Reponi and Marco Pennati about baking, and Carlotta Perego for vegetarian cuisine. And again: Sergio Dondoli with ice cream, Emanuele Vescovo on wine and Flavio Angelello for mixing.

The courses of Acadèmia, a digital school created by the media company Chef in Shirt specializing in video entertainment in the food sector, are designed for professionals interested in honing their techniques and amateurs who intend to discover the art and secrets of the best talent working at the highest levels. The contents, created in high definition and featuring light colors and unofficial, can be used on the website or on the app by activating an annual subscription just as it happens for the most popular video entertainment platforms. Upon completion of each video course, a final Certificate of Participation is issued.