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(ANSA) – MADRID, Aug 12 – In Spain, a new labor law requirement takes effect from today which says that passengers – porters who handle home deliveries on behalf of digital platforms like Globo or Uber Eats – must be considered employees. In the companies they work for and are not self-employed. This is a legislative change – the first of its kind in the European Union, the Spanish government has confirmed several times – which was made thanks to an agreement between the Ministry of Labor and the social partners last March, in line with the convictions issued by justice. For companies that made passengers self-employed. Then the amendment was approved by the Council of Ministers as a decree-law and then ratified by Parliament. Effective from today, it provided for a three-month transition period for companies to adapt to the new requirements.

The law also states that companies that use algorithms to regulate labor relations with their employees (for example, to create shifts or duties) must notify employee representatives of their operations.


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