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She cheated. Ninety-year-old wanted to build the grave, but the company took twenty thousand euros from the deposit


She saved money to build a grave, but was tricked into arguing that due to the epidemic, work on the cemetery was completely banned. Unfortunately for an elderly housewife in Turin, she complained at the age of 87 that she had been deceived by a building contractor, and is now under investigation by the prosecutor, for withdrawing a deposit of 20,000 euros without a suitable standing. To find out the deception was also the son, who, like the investigator, managed to uncover the mask of the entrepreneur’s fraud The investigation, which was entrusted to Attorney General Marco Sanini, witnessed a failed mediation attempt and the pensioner has not yet reviewed her funds.

The old woman, born in 1933, wanted to be calm about her ability to rest in the ancient cemetery in Turin, which is why she revitalized her with a specialist company to fulfill her wish. She did this before the pandemic broke out and when Covid started to spread several times, fearing not receiving any news of work progress, I contacted the entrepreneur. Each time, he received the same answer: it was necessary to wait, work had not yet started.

In order to build a new funeral home, “Chiaudano Enrico DI” construction company immediately asked her for the deposit: 20 thousand euros, which should have been paid for Afc Torino Spa, the company that manages the city cemeteries. The contract was signed on April 16, 2019 and the amount paid as agreed. However, months passed and the numerous reminders had no effect.

Until May 25, 2020, the company informed her that it could not continue building the business, and also because there was a suspension of activity related to the ongoing pandemic emergency, so everything was banned. At this point the contract was “terminated for bureaucratic reasons to obtain a permit to start work.”

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The old woman, with the help of attorneys Tommaso Cervito and Roberta Machia, believed that the money already paid would be returned to her. But to her great surprise, on July 7, the housekeeper informed her by email “via pec”, that her deposit had in any case been used to pay the salaries of a series of professionals who had already undertaken some activities to design the tomb. “There is still a difference of € 310.97 in your favor. This amount will be paid to you immediately as soon as you inform us of your IBAN,” stated in the official letter received. The sales manager attached to this letter a series of invoices which he claimed issued as evidence of the expenditures incurred.

At the time, the woman called her son and explained the situation to him in despair and asked him to contact the individual professionals indicated in the bills to understand the kind of work they had undertaken to build his grave. However, after questioning them one by one, they all denied the validity of the sums and bills issued. An architect explained, for example, that the thing referred to – “compensation for design services related to licensing procedures for funeral newsstands at Monumetal Cemetery. A deposit for various architectural additions and structural works” of € 1040 – had been altered by copying it from a previous invoice issued to someone else. .

A geologist disavowed that the € 4,177.60 relating to the “Geological Report for the Construction of a Funeral Shrine” was on behalf of the old woman, but to two landslides in the Cemetery of Pino Torrens. Another bill was actually related to five funeral stalls for that cemetery, while an engineer stated that 7,400 euros of that bill referred to another Rome-based company.

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After finding out to her dismay that she had been severely deceived, the old lady tried again to obtain her deposit by contesting the bills, and putting the company before her responsibilities. At that point, the businessman examined the bills that the professionals disavowed, claiming that he only had to return 6,500 euros to them. But the woman did not give up and filed a complaint, claiming that the entrepreneur took advantage of her age-related vulnerability to deceive her.


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