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Someone obstructed the plaintiffs from the inside, we want the truth

Someone obstructed the plaintiffs from the inside, we want the truth

Regarding the case of the Russian girl Olesya Rostova, “The verification should have taken place without hesitation, beyond controversy.” Denise Bebeton’s mother, Pera MaggioOn Radio Rai 3, who saw it ????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????? It talks about the disappearance of the little girl who lost her tracks in 2004 from Mazara del Vallo. “Obviously, I didn’t accept the way they claimed, because thereThey had DNA but they asked me to go on transmissions To play theater that I could never do, I would not have lent myself at all, ”explained Piera Maggio, explaining:“ To speed up the times when we asked for the blood type, we fought for it, I couldn’t wait months with letters of judicial rogatory to find out if the girl was my daughter. . I am He was only interested in knowing if a Russian girl was my daughterAnd the Only after that we put everything in the hands of the prosecutor, and if this girl wants to take advantage of the situation, we don’t care. “

Pierra Maggio and the plea to keep the spotlight on Dennis

Pera Maggio’s words came after intense weeks for her and the entire young Denis Pepiton family after the story of 20-year-old Russian Olesya Rostova, which however turns out to be another hole in the water. A story that was unfortunately exploited by the media by many parties considering that the Dennis family was the subject of a dispute but had a positive effect on the other side: She re-highlights the child’s story. Beira Maggio herself, on social media, in recent days has made several calls to keep those floodlights on for a long time. “In light of the new facts that have emerged in recent days, we, Denise’s parents, are asking everyone’s help to mobilize for Denise,” Pera Maggio wrote on social media today, calling on everyone to post official posters with pictures of Denise Bebeton. On the Internet and on social networks.

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Pierre Maggio: ‘I never lost hope in embracing Denise’

“What is happening these days is not as strong as it is at this moment, everyone is trying to help us, I have appealed to everyone to publish Denise’s file. We are not giving up the truth, we want justice but above all.I’ve never given up hope of hugging Dennis, Who is always alive and with us, “said Pierra Maggio on the show, adding:” These days I feel encouraged because through the mouth of the prosecutor who investigated Denise’s case from the very first moment, these contradictions and anomalies appeared. They have always cried out in these years. “

Someone disagreed with Dennis, as in the Kochi case.

“I had a lot to say because we immediately understood There was an error in the investigation. “ Denise’s mother continued, pointing an accusing finger again at some of those who had obstructed the investigation even within the police. He explained, “After the words of Attorney General Angioni, it is now clear. There are people who put their hearts and souls into returning Dennis to the house, and others are incompetent and others did not prefer investigation rather than assistance,” referring to the statements of an investigative prosecutor who admitted that there were contradictions in some Investigations. “A person from the police at that time can tell us how things went, as happened in the Coche case when the agents separated, because there were plaintiffs who were betrayed while exercising their jobs,” said lawyer Giacomo Frazzetta.

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