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Singer and actress Claudia Grimaz has passed away at the age of 51: farewell to the bright and always smiling artist

Singer and actress Claudia Grimaz has passed away at the age of 51: farewell to the bright and always smiling artist

The director of the resistance choir and folk painting passed away at the age of 51, two years after the disease was discovered. He had worked on “Turcs Tal Friul”

Udine. She left in the summer two years after the onset of the disease. Claudia Grimaz “Kaya” to her friends passed away, Thursday, at the age of 51. The news, posted on social media by her husband Trini Germano who was close to her until the end, spread quickly, leaving even friends who knew of the disease she had been fighting with for some time and many people who knew her, surprised. And he does not speak. It is unrealistic that Kaya no longer exists.

A good woman with a sensitive soul. That’s what comes to mind when you think of it. Smiling, full of talent, mother of two, she had her light in her eyes, she was famous and loved in the theater environment for a special lightness, for the modesty with which she approaches people and for not taking it seriously. It is a trait of someone who is really good.

From a young age she worked in the most important regional productions and with most Friulian actors and musicians. Her presence as a co-worker was a gift: it was neither a bad mood, nor a complaint. She arrived smiling, tried as long as necessary with a desire for constant innovation and went as far as she arrived: luminous. She knew, when she was on the scene, thanks to her special presence, to reach directly into the hearts of the people who listened to her, to move them deeply, and to charm them. Choosing to sing as a professional matured early and proved successful.

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After graduating in singing at the Udine Conservatory, Claudia Grimaz has also worked outside our borders and in many national and international theater productions. Among the many works we remember are in “Bigatis” by Gigi Dall’Aglio, Corifea in “I Turcs tal Friul” by Pasolini directed by Elio de Capitani and music by Giovanna Marini, with whom she later also worked in “Orestejia” at the Royal Flemish Theater in Brussels. 1998 was “Argentina” for “La bague Magique”, in the Nancy Opera under the direction of JC Berutti and in 99 it was in “Le Coefore” by Aeschylus, directed again by Elio de Capitani. The critic wrote for Repubblica Franco Quadri at the end of the Coefore review – recalls de Capitani – ““The true revelation of the subtlety of photography and its vocal abilities is the chorifea Claudia Grimaz. The revelation also acquired – in reference to her – a meaning different from the usual: with her song and stage presence she revealed something of us to ourselves. Infinite gratitude for this “revelation” ».

In the same year she began her collaboration with the French vocal quartet Sanacore dedicated to Italian polyphonic folk singing, with whom she sang throughout Europe.

In 2002, her participation in the Venice Biennale as a singer in the commissions of the New Music saw her participate in compositions by Succio, Ingolfson and Strasnoy, led by Maestro Bernasconi.

Polished translator for singing in marilenghe won in 2012 with Gigi Maieron’s “Dal balcon al ven binore”, the Friulian Song Festival. Her work as composer, with Salento singer Enza Bagliara, on the poems of Pierluigi Capello, in the show “Cjant pai tiei deits”, is exciting and innovative.

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Director of the People’s Resistance Choir and the multi-ethnic choir “La Tella” in Udine, once again, she has put her professionalism and humanity at the service of important projects, followed by sincerity. Claudia Grimes leaves her mark on this earth with a girl who passionately and candidly loved her job, family, friends and life. She will be missed by all the people who loved her, everyone who had the pleasure of sharing part of her career journey and the audience that followed, listened to and applauded with joy and gratitude for all these years. The Friulian theater without it is a void that is hard to fill