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Simply place your shampoo and shower gel on the floor: this is the ultimate solution for a truly elegant shower

Simply place your shampoo and shower gel on the floor: this is the ultimate solution for a truly elegant shower

There is a perfect solution for furnishing a bathroom that is always tidy, which you have not thought of yet but which is very easy to create.

How often, when you use the shower during the day, do you put detergent or shampoo bottles on the floor? This happens because you have never provided the fund with adequate and functional support. If you don’t want to drill the wall and make holes to put a shelf on the wall We suggest an alternative solution.

When it comes to furnishing your home in style, you know it On the pages of you can find many ideas Creative ideas that are easy to imitate and very useful, as well as aesthetically beautiful. Even in this case we are sure that you will like our idea. If you no longer want to put your bubble bath on the floor, there is one final solution!

How to make a niche in the bathroom

for every Make your walk-in shower functional and comfortable But also and above all aesthetically pleasing you can resort to creating a niche. There are also many other reasons why you should consider installing a niche in your bathroom.

The specialized shower is very practical and elegant –

For example one Place in the bathroom Provides extra space to always keep shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, scrub and other hygiene products in order and at hand that may be scattered on the shower tray or on the floor in case Shower at floor level.

Deceive A niche that optimizes space in the bathroom And you won’t have to dig into the walls to install additional shelves or hooks. Then it’s about aesthetics, being a design solution that you can create according to the latest trends. A well-designed niche built into the shower surround can add an elegant touch to any bathroom design Modern bathrooms Or the classics.

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Then cleaning should also be taken into consideration, keeping the shower products inside makes it easier to clean the shower tray and keep the area tidy. But how is this achieved? Nilo Choosing bathroom furniture You can build a shower space regardless of the available space. Decide whether you want to use tiles of the same color as the shower wall for a camouflage effect, or conversely, whether you want to use tiles in contrasting colors to make it stand out.

Experts recommend making a place at least six centimeters deep by one An imperceptible slope outward So that the water slides without stagnation. For an elegant effect, in the case of a very large bathroom, you can also Illuminate it with waterproof LED strips With white or colored lights. Your bathroom will be truly elegant.