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Silence and work.  Cagnardi and Cantu were isolated in the gym

Silence and work. Cagnardi and Cantu were isolated in the gym

Acqua S. Bernardo Cantù has chosen to isolate itself in the time frame that leads, from the defeat in the second match of the promotion final, to tomorrow evening, when it will have its back against the wall against a Pallacanestro Trieste team that leads 2-0. After the two blitzes on PalaFitLine in Desio.

There is no coach’s press conference (the pre-match pre-season conferences, say the press office, have ended) and little desire to speak even from the team group. It is better to try to focus on the challenge and think only and exclusively about the preparations for it.

And in Seveso, home of the Palacanestro Canto training camp, they worked hard. This does not mean that there is a need for specific sports references, on the contrary, but coach Davis Cagnardi certainly tried to add something new. If only in an attempt to put a grain of sand in the mechanism of Jamion Christian’s Trieste mechanism, which has been perfect so far.

Systematic changes in defence, which, for example, worked well in the first match during the comeback, gave some results in the following time but not the same in terms of return, perhaps a sign that Trieste had studied, even if in less than 48 hours, Counter moves.

So, between videos and training, the biancoblù staff is asked to come up with something new. Perhaps also in the distribution of minutes, with the biggest involvement of Luca Cesana and Nicola Berdini, they are perhaps the ones who sacrificed the most in the first two home games.

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