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WhatsApp: What’s coming with the long-awaited new updates

WhatsApp: What’s coming with the long-awaited new updates

WhatsApp It works hard to improve an application that, at first glance, does not seem to need anything. It’s no secret that the world’s most popular messaging platform is always ready to bring back something new, just like this time. The development team is actually working on some new features but is also working on resolving some issues.

Many users have encountered crashes that need to be resolved, and the goal now is to ensure an almost perfect experience. It is certain that WhatsApp will succeed in achieving its goal, as it has always succeeded. Over the past few hours, a new update has arrived regarding the beta version of Android. The version in question is no Obviously, some interesting graphical innovations have been made that tweak the interface especially in Status update bar.

WhatsApp is graphically renewed: Here is the new update that improves the design

Still introducing a new bar dedicated to status updates at the top of the Updates tab. This gives users much easier access.

Inside the bar there are some very important new features, as users can now see a preview of every update thanks to one Great mini. The real advantage is not having to open each status update to see what it is.

It doesn’t end there, but as in the new interface, there is also a vertical list of channels. This new update should soon arrive for all users as it has already been expanded to include the majority of developers registered for the beta version of WhatsApp. To use this version, you need to subscribe to the program via the Play Store. New updates regarding the distribution of the mentioned innovations will follow over the next few days.

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