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Shop and earn, just download this app: it's very easy

Shop and earn, just download this app: it's very easy

Go shopping and learn how to earn: just download this app and you're done. Really easy and very effective!

Shopping nowadays is a very difficult task. With the rise in food prices, especially basic necessities, we find ourselves forced to buy the minimum that we may need on a daily basis. In fact, we can say that we now go to the supermarket at least once a day and buy what we need for lunch or dinner.

But you know that There is an application that is able to make profit while shopping? All you have to do is download it and that's it: it's very easy, very effective, and able to make your shopping fun. Let's see it together.

The app that makes you earn while shopping: download it now!

Owns An application that is able to make us earn while shopping It is definitely one of the most beautiful discoveries And always useful. This way, we will definitely have more motivation to leave the house and go to the trusted supermarket to buy everything we need. However, this should not make us lose sight of our goal: to buy only what is necessary. The salary is always the same and shopping has to be really necessary, otherwise we will find ourselves unable to pay the bills.

However, fortunately, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent increase in products, many people have used many of the apps available to save money. Let's see together the name of the one we are talking about and above all how to use it better.

App for families to earn through shopping (

The name of the application in question is Nielsen IQ. The latter is nothing more than a family project looking for something new.Collaborators', which allows you to get prizes, some of them really important, just by going to the supermarket and doing your shopping. the Shopping vouchers That will be obtained with this program is not only related to the supermarket in question, but also High brands such as Amazon, OVS, Trenitalia, Zalando And so on and so on. But how should it be used?

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Simply open the app every time we are in the supermarket and scan every barcode that appears on the purchased product. In this way, the code will be registered by the application itself, which will convert it into points every week and then every month, until the latter turns into wonderful prizes or discount vouchers. So, what are you waiting for to download this latest version? It's going to be really incredible, hurry up!