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She gave her boyfriend a kidney but he cheated on her after a few months.  She: "I'll do it again."

She gave her boyfriend a kidney but he cheated on her after a few months. She: “I’ll do it again.”

donate a the kidneys in his face Fiance Soon after his confession to her a betrayal. there tiktoker Share Colleen Le He shared his story about the tragedy on his social page. In fact, the young woman donated the kidney to her ex-boyfriend, convinced that their relationship is strong and strong, but soon after found out that he was cheating on her with another woman.

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the gift

Coleen said she met her ex-boyfriend in 2015 and decided to donate her kidney after a few months of dating. The 30-year-old who lives in Yorba Lindain CaliforniaHe explained that it was important for him to move quickly as he was already on dialysis and his kidney function was less than 5%.

Then the girl added that her ex-husband did not ask for college, but admitted that she felt pressure and his love and belief in their love, so she decided to take the important step.

Betrayal at a bachelorette party

After donating a kidney to her ex-boyfriend, their relationship doesn’t seem to have changed until about 7 months later, the boy confesses to cheating on her at a bachelor party. My initial reaction was to feel hurt and betrayed. He was a staunch Christian and always stuck to his morals throughout our relationship, so it definitely shocked me that he betrayed me that way after all I did for him. Colin admitted, “I felt stabbed in the back and exploited.”

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Despite her grief, she said she tried to give her ex-boyfriend a second chance, but after about three months, after an argument, he decided to end it.

She: “I’ll do it again.”

Two months later he tried to call back, but this time the 30-year-old was adamant: “I didn’t answer because I felt like he was just calling me out of guilt.”

He concluded, “Despite everything I would do again, I would do everything again to save his life.”

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