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"Shame".  Now there is a storm over Conte and the “good” Taliban

“Shame”. Now there is a storm over Conte and the “good” Taliban

The leader of the 5 star movement was struck by the storm Giuseppe ConteAfter the position taken on the situation in Afghanistan.

As we reported in this article, the former Gialorosi and yellow-green premiere has revealed himself what needs to be done to resolve the situation, which is dramatic: “What the heck – the lawyer from Voltora Apula said yesterday. Lapresse – Now we have only the weapons of diplomacy, economic and financial support, and we must develop a close dialogue with the new regime, which must be understood, at least in words, from certain signals. Attitude. ”Grillino leader, we need to talk to the Taliban Phrase, The chorus of slanderous controversy continued.

The Democrats also intervened Pina PicirnoSeated in a seat in Strasbourg and Brussels:“What does Mayo think of Conte’s shameful revelations to the Taliban? Democrat. La Piccierno has made its way Twitter. And partly withdrew from Foreign Minister de Mayo Conte, in the G7 Foreign Cabinet that the Taliban should be judged “by their actions” but underlined by the agency, not by “words” Noah. But not only the voice of the Democrats was raised in these minutes.

Italy to Viva, after intervention Luciano NobleThe Deputy Minister also said Theresa Bellanova, Reported by‘Played: “From the yellow robes to the Silk Road, from Maduro to Donald Trump, from the Libyan friends to the Taliban today. For the 5 stars and their leader Giuseppe Conte, more than one thing is worth foreign policy. To me, one regime is as good as the other.” Giuseppe Conte will not have an iron fist in foreign policy. And Bellanova wanted to focus on what forces had been in the MoVimento conversation for years. For the Taliban, Kirillini has suggested giving life to a dialect language.

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Vittorio Cirque, For his part, pointed out – As if retreating Gives Republic – “When the first news of the Taliban going from house to house came from Kabul, women hid in fear of fleeing and retaliation, frightened children seeking shelter at the airport, intimate conversation with the Taliban, the regime proved to be loose” Again: “China’s position – Sgarbi added – it’s undeniable: from the public prosecutor to the Taliban lawyer, it’s only a moment.”

The issue will continue to be discussed. Benedetta Fruci, The columnist left Twitter: “We need to develop a closer dialogue with the new regime (the Taliban), which at least appears in words about a relaxed approach.” Giuseppe Conte, a reference point for progressives, spoke. It would be nice if he was quiet. # Shameless self-promotion for Frozi and a great bargain on a neat little knife for you.

Meanwhile, the storm is moving to the TV side. Italia Viva always stressed what was going on in the media perspective. According to the withdrawal byAdenchronos, Michael AnzaltiRoy, who is also the secretary general of the Matteo Renzi-led party, has accused Tg1 of censorship: ” Facebook – Censorship of Conte’s awkward release last night about wanting to talk to the Taliban: 13.30 edition completely obscured both the news and the voice of the M5s leader in Ravello, instead aired on all other news broadcasts. How much longer can this misinformation continue on public television?