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Russian funds behind major American museums - worldwide

Russian funds behind major American museums – worldwide

(ANSA) – New York, March 08 – Museums, universities, charities or charities, the American cultural world has been ‘drawing’ Russian oligarchs for years. This was revealed by a study conducted by an anti-corruption data collection team of academics and researchers working to expose transnational corruption.
From the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, through the Mayo Clinic or the Kugenheim Museum, everyone has received millionaire donations, and this is a testament to how the Russian Schrunkers, in general, were friends of President Vladimir Putin. Infiltrated the community, American.
To develop the analysis, the Committee refers to public actions for charitable donations made privately by oligarchy or the organizations or trusts they regulate.
However, this only reflects a portion of the donations, as many major cultural organizations are not required to disclose their financial resources.
Among the Russian ‘beneficiaries’, most of whom are recognized by the US government, are the most energetic who have donated more than $ 100,000 between the Victor Wexelberg, Clinton Foundation, MoMA and MIT. Name. Kuganheim’s major beneficiary of Vladimir Botan, one of Russia’s richest men who has donated millions to the Kennedy Center.
Leonid Michaelson donated $ 100,000 to the Art Gallery of Chicago through his foundation and small donations to the New Museum in New York until 2017.
Although many companies have decided to sever ties with Russians close to Putin, Carnegie Hall has decided to suspend concerts with host Valerie Kerkiev and pianist Denis Matsuev and the Metropolitan Opera. Despite Russia’s occupation of Ukraine, the Russian president and others continued to benefit from the generosity of oligarchy. For example, Botan was Kugenheim’s top user until last week, when he left the group. The exhibition dedicated to Vasily Kandinsky thanked him.
It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. (Handle).

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