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Setting out to restore the former cinema space in community service

Setting out to restore the former cinema space in community service

Coip was commissioned yesterday morning to renovate Servigliano’s former modern cinema, and the contract stipulates that the works will be delivered within 365 working days. The end of 2022 presents a beautiful gift to the middle community of Servigliano and Valtenna, which in about a year will be able to use a structure that will become a precious container for cultural, social, educational and even fun initiatives. Servigliano’s management has been planning to restore the former “Moderno” cinema for some time, now the last administrative piece has been put in place and all that remains is to wait for the fruits of the labour. The project, funded by the earthquake fund in the amount of 2,500,000 euros, provides a large area of ​​useful functions for society.

“An important step has been taken to redevelop a structure within the urban context of the city – explains Mayor Marco Rottoni -. For several years we have been engaged on several fronts with the aim of giving new life and functions to the city’s buildings to make them at the service of society. In addition to its history, the former cinema will play an important role For many associations and activities. The tender includes the delivery of works within 365 days, so we are confident that we will be able to return it to citizens at the end of 2023. The project envisions two modes of intervention: a redevelopment of the spaces and a new configuration of all the technological systems. “The old entrance to the cinema – continues Rotoni – will become the seat of the tourist office, while the two halls on the ground floor will be rearranged and combined to become a theater – a cinema with a removable screen where the workshop of the theatrical association will also be held. The “talent tree” is taking place. The room on the floor will be restructured The first to become a room dedicated to hosting training courses. The entire structure will be equipped with the latest generation systems to reduce consumption and systems to make the structure more self-sufficient in terms of energy supply.

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