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Serious complaint to the singer

Serious complaint to the singer

Famous Italian rapper Fidez ends up in trouble again: a serious complaint from Chiara Ferragni’s husband arrives.

Fides, well-known rapper still in trouble (Getty Images)

the Famous rapper Fidez Married to a famous businessman and influencer Chiara Ferragni, again in the eye of the storm. From what we read in Adnkronos News Agency, ، The rapper is in trouble again because it was Reported by a non-profit organization. The complaint specifically requiresBlackout the web pages where text is written what do we call it. apparently, Monday 26th July this is Pro-regional and non-profit citizens filed a complaint with the Prosecutor of the Court of Milan against the artist.

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The subject of the complaint and the Contempt for the state’s armed forces in a Violation of Article 290 of the Penal Code. According to the representative of the non-profit organization, the text in question is the song what do we call it It will contain many offensive sentences directed at the gendarmes and soldiers. one of accuse Moved by the assembly is also from A criminal association to create the text of the article and publish it on the Web at different times.

Fides, what happened

Fedez with his wife Chiara Ferragni (Getty Images)

Nonprofit Complaint Against Fides Concerns the song what do we call it, which – which It would openly invite listeners to discredit the military by introducing them “Disreputable” NS Californians. The complaint was submitted after several times Reports by various members of the armed forces upon departure. In short, there are new problems that Chiara Ferragni’s husband is already experiencing Various lawsuits such as the lawsuit announced by Kodacoons towards the singer. News of this new complaint also comes while her husbands are taking a few days off Apulia.

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Not long ago, Fides himself had to defend himself against the Consumer Protection Association’s accusations regarding fundraising Made with his wife To support workers in the entertainment world. Problems don’t always seem to end for the two of them Take part in different very important social battles: Just think of their professional messages ddl zan sawLegal euthanasia.