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SEGA wants 'Super Game' ready by March 2026 -

SEGA wants ‘Super Game’ ready by March 2026 –

saw She is currently working on a mysterious game called simply “Super game“With the company’s latest financial report, we also found out that the issuance period is limited By March 2026.

In the financial report, saw He explains that he “strives to create a ‘great game.’ However, he did not elaborate on what it is and what it means to be a ‘super game’.” The only details that CEO Haruki Satomi shared relate to the fact that SEGA’s strategy is to make a video game that captures the attention of operators.

One of the strategies for generating such successful titles is to create a ‘Great Game’, a Global wide address“We are currently developing a game of this type, which is expected to be released in the fiscal year ending March 2026,” Satomi said.

“The ultimate goal of the ‘Super Game’ strategy is to create a game so revolutionary that it will attract a lot of people Number of active users Much higher than the group games so far. The key to making this happen is the ability to bring together a large community, which includes not only the players but also the viewers who stream the game and the viewers who watch their videos.”

SEGA looks to the future with its superior game

Then Satomi pointed out that the kind of society that develops through flow Able to add “unimaginable value to the game for developers, and trigger a broader movement – which can then attract more users and dramatically increase game usage.”

It is not entirely clear what SEGA’s intentions are, but in principle one can think that it is a file Live game service With a structure suitable for the world of live broadcasting. Let’s say that’s not the definition of a super game for everyone.

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