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Scientists expected that a giant asteroid would hit the sun

Scientists expected that a giant asteroid would hit the sun

One asteroid He’s going unchecked towards the sun. The name scientists have given it 2014 UN271 and its exact path in the direction of the main star of our solar system.

Scientists are observing the asteroid and have already formulated it Assumptions about possible consequences which could take its course on our solar system. we see What are the predictions of scientists? An asteroid that can hit the sun.

Who discovered the giant asteroid?

The map system has discovered the asteroid heading towards the sun Dark Energy Survey, which identified an object that appears to be traveling at speeds dangerous to the solar system.

In addition to the speed of the orb, to stir Scientists worry Which deals with the dark energy survey, is the size of an asteroid that – according to estimates – is up to 200 kilometers long.

The object was first seen in 2014 for a study focused ondark energy analysis Using a 4-meter telescope located at the Inter-American Observatory in Cerro Tololo in the Chilean province.

How is a dangerous asteroid formed?

It celestial body across NeptuneThat is, it is located behind the wall of Neptune and is estimated to be 600,000 years old. At the moment, the celestial body in question is located at a distance 3 billion kilometers from the Earth, at a very invisible point in the solar system.

The asteroid appears to be made mostly of rock, ice, methane, nitrogen, and even carbon dioxide, and so far scientists seem mostly concerned about possible events. asteroid.

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One A celestial body of this size It cannot be considered a simple comet, and the study of its properties provides scientists with the opportunity to learn valuable information regarding the formation and process of formation Solar System.

Scientists’ predictions about the asteroid and what are its risks

at the moment, Expectations are on the way The asteroid and its future from the point of view of size is still uncertain. Scientists fear lies precisely in this uncertainty and in the potential risks involved in the current path to the sun.

According to what has currently been discovered, the celestial body in question It’s getting dangerously close increasingly to a critical point that could pose risks to the solar system, because practical implications could really involve a wide range of issues.

Because the asteroid is dangerous خطر

the hypothesis They are diverse and the concern of scholars is clear. This asteroid ten times greater The meteorite that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. In fact, the diameter of this meteorite that changed the entire composition of the Earth is 10 kilometers, while the diameter of this meteorite is between 100 and 300 kilometers.

Although at the moment we do not have – logically – certain information about what could be the path of the aforementioned celestial body Unpredictability – also due to the speed of movement and above all the fact that at the moment it is directed towards the sun – excites Worried.

If the asteroid’s path becomes more dangerous or less predictable, then Archaeology It can be quite unexpected indeed. After all, this is not the first time we have been concerned about a celestial body, but this time scientists still do not rule out the dangers of consequences.