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Science Tells You Why If You're Breathing Badly, You're Wrong at Work

Science Tells You Why If You’re Breathing Badly, You’re Wrong at Work

Breathing is necessary for living and without air no living organism can continue to exist. However, we don’t all breathe the same way, and most of us make breathing mistakes which, as we’ll see, can cost a lot and we don’t speak as metaphor.

Breathing is fundamental in our life, but many times we have bad habits of doing this gesture that ends up having a huge impact on the whole organism. But in particular, bad breath takes a toll on the brain. When we breathe badly, we feel frightened and anxious more easily and deprive our minds and critical resources of problem-solving activity. In fact, solving a problem is a very delicate activity and to achieve this the brain needs to work at its best. However, unfortunately, when we are under stress and under stress, we end up breathing in the worst way. In fact, we take short, frequent breaths other than the diaphragm.

Here’s how to do it and why it’s important

By doing this we are gradually leaving our brain in oxygen debt and forcing it to malfunction. So it is easy to set off a vicious cycle that leads us to suffering and bad thinking, Making bad decisions, generating new stresses etc. In particular, researchers Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine has shown special evidence that the way you breathe generates a certain electrical activity. in the brain and alters both memory and emotions. In particular, one of the emotions most affected by bad breath is fear. So stress leads us to breathe badly, and fear increases as stress increases. The brain starts to function worse and makes poorly thought out decisions that increase stress. A very dangerous treadmill. This makes you very wrong.

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This is how we sometimes make very wrong decisions that we almost don’t realize afterwards. But what is the correct way to breathe?

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Correct breathing is slow, deep and diaphragmatic, that is, “belly”. In fact, it must seem to us that the abdomen is distended And not the chest. In this way we will provide our minds with the main tool for action and to help us make the right decisions in every area of ​​our lives.